The best in 3 years

I never thought that I’d meet real friends in poly, and I was so wrong about this.

Definitely one of the most spontaneous group of friends I have. <3

Happy things first, today’s the last day of my weekday clinic! :D And though it’s a full day session, I had some form of positivity to keep me going through the day! :D

After clinic ended at about 6pm, I went over to find my favourite bunch of course mates for a sporty session after school. But apparently I was so hungry I decided to have dinner first while the rest headed to the court straight, and I had the company of Janice and Yan Shan! :D Talked so much over dinner, it’s making me think and sway my stand. Hate how it influences me, but I love talks like these.

Headed over to court, but the three of us couldn’t join the game because we were feeling a little too full and bloated. q: Not long after they stopped for a break, it was a surprise birthday celebration for Ziwei. (:

Annoying BFF. I’m short but whatever. Anyway THEANTS top isn’t mine. Mr Lee lent it to me because my shirt was soaking wet I can survive if I lived in the dessert. -.-“

Two of my closest guy friends, cum FYP mates, in poly. I love them (because I look damn fair beside them, hahaha)!

After all the fun of smearing whip cream on each other, playing with fire hose which I got soaking wet in, we got back to playing sports. The bet was that the losing team had to eat up the remaining Panda cake! I was soaking wet after sweating it all out, and it felt really good. Really had to take time out for sessions like this. Makes me feel a lot healthier and happier. (:

And this is probably the only reason why I will miss school. I will miss going out with my friends and have some fun, I’ll miss having our lecturers joining us in sessions like these, I miss seeing my friends in formal wear and slippers in the court playing sports together. Mr Lee’s definitely one of the most spontaneous lecturer who goes shopping and joins us for our hangout sessions. Never thought that I’d experience such a closely-knitted relationship between students-lecturers/teachers.

I really love my Optometry family.

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