The end of a really hectic month!

What a way to start the year! Ever since the departure of Jon Baby, my life has been nothing less than busy. Busy with school especially. Feel pretty guilty that I haven’t popped by to his place at all ever since he left because it’s either school or work for me. ): I promise to visit The Chau’s when I get a Sunday free! Maybe a stayover or something. (:

Not forgetting that I am feeling very appreciative of my parents too! My Dad has been really willing to send and pick me up from school/work without any complains. He probably understands how tired and drained I am. Have been falling asleep on the rides home, but it is really nice to have days like today, where my family actually kept aside some popiah and chicken wings for me. Really appreciate it, and I love my family tonnes for that. (:

Work today was very demanding of me. I have been doing refraction non-stop till about 4pm. And I only get to have my first meal of the day at 4pm! Was like a total jelly because I was tired and a little hungry, and all I did was pray that my stomach wouldn’t growl while I was doing the eye checks. Audrey popped by with Xiu Xiang and she got me a brownie bar from IKEA! Totally appreciate it babe! :D

Although working in a shop means long hours, longer than school hours to be exact, I really enjoy myself. Gotta admit that there are bad times at work too, but I really get a sense of achievement from work especially days that I can really give advice to people! Maybe I just enjoy talking and people listening to me. Hopefully this kind of mindset and positivity will stay with me through the years! (:

I guess I do deserve to pamper myself in a crazy month like this! Thought that these clothes would be something I’d wear to work, and maybe I’ll just wear them for Chinese New Year too! Killing 2 birds with 1 stone! (Y) But apparently I only received 1 out of 5 items that I ordered. Hope that I will receive them really soon! :D

Though I really love most of Agneselle’s dresses, I think it’s time for me to stop getting dresses because it makes me lazy. I’m losing a lot of my creativity juices to mix and match my clothes just because all I need to do is to slip into my 1-piece clothings. Need to shop for clothes, bags and shoes. I want everything and this is terribly bad! /:

On a side note, I’ve 3 major reasons why I am looking forward to the end of February:

  1. End of school!
  2. I’m going for the School of Chemical and Life Sciences Dinner & Dance (Prom)! :D Apparently I think I am going to wear the dress I bought from Melbourne, which I haven’t got a chance to wear yet.
  3. Bangkok Graduation trip: Think of massaging, shopping, food, sea sports and gay shows! How exciting! :D

Happy 21st birthday Zi Wei! :D Though I highly doubt that you’ll read this, I hope you had a great day out celebrating your birthday with your friends! (:

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