FYP: Final Year Pressure!

Have been so tired I just knock out anywhere I can settle for; the car and train ride, and even in class! Probably one of the craziest period I’ve ever been through, but I’m glad that this may be the first and last time I’d go through something like this.

But amidst all of this crazy work, I’m very glad to have my group mates with me through this. We’ve been working together for all our projects since we were in year one (forget about 3rd year since we’re in different classes already), and we all have different fortes to make up a good work done! People ever told me before that never group with your good friends because there’ll always be a problem trying to get each other to have their job done. Though some may have done a little more than the others, I’m very proud to say we’ve no free riders at all! We all put in the best effort we can for our FYP. (:

Very thankful to have met these 3 guys since the very beginning of my poly life. (:

With the mad rush to do the final touch up and editing of our report and getting ready to have them all submitted by Friday, my group mates and I stayed in school till late on Wednesday just to work on it! I looked absolutely terrible, but I really didn’t care about my looks at all. Hair pinned up all the way and tied up in a messy bun so that I’d feel more comfortable.

We went over to Jia Sheng’s house to work on our report for the entire Thursday night! We met up at Yew Tee, which was an hour long ride away from my house, to have cheap Astons for dinner at some food court! Walked over to Jia Sheng’s place there after, and we started working on our report till 5am in the morning before we decided to get a nap that lasts about an hour long.

The night was crazy, I swear if I suffered fromphoto epilepsy, the fits would have been acting up last night from all the scrolling of text. And if I am not wrong, our entire report comes up to more than 100 pages already. This is pure madness.

We plugged in the laptop to Jia Sheng’s humongous plasma TV in the living room so that everyone can look at the report and do some major vetting together. You can’t see it in the picture, but what’s showing was our report on MS word!

War zone.

Comfortably hugging his pillow (like a girl) and ready to take a rest!

FYP submission is at 5pm today, and I’m gonna head back to school in a while (with a body that’s deprived from rest) to do more editing before getting our work printed out. I hope nothing will go wrong, like having the printer getting jammed up.

After today, the load on my back will be a lot lighter. The year long burden is finally off my neck, and then it’d just be preparing for the presentation. School would then see me working and revising hard for the competency test in 2 weeks time, and the FYP presentation in 4 weeks time.

Go go! 4 weeks will be over in no time.

3 thoughts on “FYP: Final Year Pressure!

  1. I haven’t commented here in ages! Anyway, this new layout is really nice! :D Love the cut-out figure of you on the horse, it’s too cute :D Jonathan will be very touched when he sees this. His face is plastered all over your blog! Hang in there, I remember feeling like I got a heavy load off my shoulders after submitting in all the reports during my final semester in school! It’s great to work with friends who are equally driven and motivated!


  2. Awesome layout, so prettyae! :DD I wished I had some of your designing talent, hahaa! Maybe you could do this as freelance? q: Jiayou for fyp, it’ll be over soon and I’m sure you will be proud of your hard work!(:

  3. Xiuling, Hahaha, thanks so much babe! :D He better feels touched, i hope! q: Can’t wait for the moment when the reports are all submitted and I’ll feel so much lighter! And I think I am really lucky to have group mates like them! (: See you next week for dinner babe! :D

    Emily, Thanks Emily! :D I don’t think I really have any designing talents. I just did a lot of trial and error! Would you wanna hire me if I was a freelance designer, hee! q: I can’t wait for FYP to be over. Looking forward to the arrival of this evening when I can let my hair down for a little while before going through all the graduation rush again!


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