A load off my shoulders! :D

The year long’s stress and burden: A 117 pages long Final Year Project Report.

Finally got our FYP report printed out for submission! :D The kind of satisfaction achieved from slogging through the entire third year was beyond words. A few problems occurred (i.e. printer issues), but we were pretty lucky throughout the entire FYP phase; very lucky to get pleasing results from the data collected and a very helpful lecturer-in-charge. We all carried a smilesubconsciouslythat was difficult to contain!

Now that we are done with our report, let’s just take a break for a while and get back to working for the presentation after all the school work’s over! Most importantly, no more rushing through our report in the night till wee hours! :D

Now I have a little more time for myself, and I can spend a bit more time talking to my boy because I’ve probably neglected him for the past week or so. Feeling really terrible and guilty about it, so I hope to make it up to him by spending a little more time catching up with him, even if it means there’s nothing going on in each other’s life. I missed this boy so much for the past few days. ):

So meanwhile…

Let loose! :D

4 thoughts on “A load off my shoulders! :D

  1. I am so happy for you, and I’ve missed you so much. You and your irritating nonsense ah….. :(

  2. Amanda, Awwww I miss you Amanda! :D And what irritating nonsense?! Heehee. I only do that to people I am comfortable with! So be happy okay?! q: Meet up with you soon okay?! Still have got crazy school work to work on. ):


  3. Hello darling. Yea, i saw your layout. Amazing. They are beautiful. I am flattered to see my face all over and they are all from our overseas trips. I am glad this burden is off your list and you do not have to catch me sleeping while you called.
    And no. You are not supposed to meet Amanda. She is a bad influence in spending money and revealing my secondary school stuff.

  4. Jon, Hey Baby, I am surprised that you noticed that they are all from our overseas trip! (: I really hope that I can get to take out more time to have some good quality time catching up with you whenever we are on the phone. (: And haha, I love to meet Amanda because she reveals too much dark little secrets about you. And no lah, she doesn’t spend as much as you think she does. She just brings me to places to have a good meal because she believes I should pamper myself once in a while! (:


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