Go go, positivity!

Just a really quick and brief update!

Despite the very crazy week, after working non-stop for 14 days, and another 14 more non-stop-working days to come, I can’t shoo off the fact that there are happy things that happened to me in the midst. (:

1. Met up with Evil Twin Estella for dinner at Thai Express had boost! :D Tried on a new flavour – Passion Mango! Another yummy Boost drink added to my list of favourite (and healthy) drinks.

Green curry and awesome Tom Yum soup! (Y)

2. Lor mee for breakfast with Daddy on Saturday afternoon at our usual lor mee place (Havelock Road) since I was a baby. Not that I even started eating lor mee since I was a baby, but there’s where we always patronize since decades ago.

3. Having Amanda darling for my patient on a Saturday afternoon. And she’s such a sweet little thing to buy some Chinese kuehs for me to eat! Thanks Babe, that really came as a surprise and I really appreciate your little act! :D

4. Starbucks green tea frappe

5. Supporting Janice and Joseph for their badminton match after clinic, which they won! (: Kept screaming and cheering till my throat went a little hoarse. For that, I think Janice owes me a cup of liang teh! q:

6. Celebrating Yi Liang’s birthday after the match! Zi char for dinner with the whole bunch of DOPT peeps. Definitely one of the things I will miss after graduation.

Happy 20th dude!

With our lecturer joining the guys in the cake-smearing activity.

7. Though I was really tempted to leave work earlier since I am so physically and mentally drained, I am glad to find myself enjoying work. Work > school at this very point of time. Less tiring, more fulfilling. In addition, the sales today was at the shop’s all time high with 5 digit number sale woots! :D

Point #2 to #6 happened on Saturday which lasted since forever. I was practically dragging myself home because I felt like I was going to concuss any time.

Other than the fact that school has been bleak and I wish that I had 8 days a week, but people around me makes it a lot easier to get by. Very thankful for all of them, even the one that’s the furthest away by body but the closest at heart. (:

2 thoughts on “Go go, positivity!

  1. yay jiayou babe! :D I AM HAPPY TO SEE OUR PHOTO. hahaha. i cant wait for this week to be over! all my tests and assignments are driving me nuts. we shld go fareast shopping next time! :p or 313! heehee. cant wait! hope the eye cream is of use to u :D

    • Estella, Hahaha, of course! We had Boost leh, so happy heeee! :D I can’t wait for this week to be over too, after the submission of my report I think the burden on my back will be a tad lesser! Let’s find time to go shopping again! A proper one this time! :D


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