Greatest Pillar of Support

School has been a wreck for me. Just today alone, school started at 9.30am and ended at 9pm for me. Almost a straight 12 hours in school. Presentation was a mess, or so I feel, clinic wasn’t any better when I’ve got a difficult patient which made me feel really demoralised, and then it was FYP meeting with the guys at 6pm in the library.

Now I am back home, still in front of the computer working on FYP. The best of all? I gotta wake up at 6am tomorrow for clinic, which will only end at 6pm. I’m not even having sufficient sleep every night, and only to find myself crawling out of bed every single time. Never knew that graduation is so difficult.

In the midst of all these, I tell myself this will the kind of thing I’ll miss after I graduate, so just work hard on it and I hope that my positivity will get me through these crazy days.

More importantly, I’ve an extremely supportive Boyfriend who sends me random Skype messages to tell me to drop him a call to ease my stress and lighten me up if I am sick of school work. Really thankful for this boy who always stand behind me and keep me going on. And indeed, he’s the biggest form of relief to all that I am going through.

Baby, if you haven’t realised, you are the biggest motivation for me to keep hanging on.

I You.

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