In Five.

Packed schedule from morning to night, every single day.

Just got back from school not too long ago. I was suffering from a throbbing headache (from the terribly hot weather probably), and still had to stare and look in the computer for so long which of course didn’t make me feel any better. ): I almost fell asleep during FYP meeting with Mrs Tan, and she went to take out wasabi peas for our group to eat. Oh gosh, it was so embarrassing Matt just laughed at me like mad. -.-”

School has been crazy, life has been really packed. Have been working every single day like a robot since last week, and this will continue for 3 more weeks. Every single day means 6 days of school and 1 day of work. Sometimes I even head down to work after school when I end classes early. So make that 1.5 days of work. I need a breather, but I think I should be able to hang in there till it’s over.

In addition, I feel so bad because I haven’t had our usual long calls lately because I’m busy. ): I hope I can spare more time for my love, especially when he’s alone in the entire house right now. Wish I could be there for you Baby. ): But every time I see my phone ringing with your name appearing, it lightens up my mood by a whole lot even though they were just short calls. (:Meanwhile, study hard darling!

And I finally managed to apply my mud pack (as you can see!) after weeks when it was supposed to be a weekly affair. Just couldn’t find the time to pamper myself a little more with my usual beauty regime with all 7 days taken up. Not really complaining because I chose to work on my only day free from school (because I need to earn some money)! Gonna slap on a MBD mask after I shower while doing my FYP report again.

5 more weeks, just hang in there Kellyn! It’ll all be over soon.

10 thoughts on “In Five.

    • Nov, Thanks Nov for being such a sweet and caring friend! Teehee! :D Don’t worry, I won’t over exhaust myself, hopefully!


  1. aww babe! i feel you. my schedule’s packed to the brim too, but it’s alright since we get to meet tmr yeah? heehee. my face looks damn cui due to the lack of sleep though. super sad. u need to intro me masks again! i want the mud one! SEE YOU TMR BABE <3 cant wait lehzz!

    • Estella, Life School sucks! ): It’s really sad for you, considering that you just started school not too long ago! I hope you are having fun though. (: Anyway the mud mask is damn cheap! It’s found in pharmacies of hospitals, but I bought it from Chinatown at <$10 only! :D Go get MBD masks too, it's damn awesome! So glad that we are finally meeting tomorrow, and I can't wait either! :D LOVE,

  2. Hang in there darling. Don’t worry about me. I am coping well. More importantly, take good care of yourself. :D

    • Jon, Thank you Baby for being so understanding, really appreciate it. (: I hope to hear my favourite lullaby from you before I sleep tonight. (:


    • Jeanette, Art box! They have branches at ION and Jurong Point. Not too sure if there are any other branches though.


    • Jeanette, Hmmm, I wouldn’t say it’s cheap because it cost me $20 and I had to fill the dates in myself. Which means you can also start your organiser from the month of Feb if you want. (:


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