Something that can outrun time.

Amanda came over to SP’s bus stop after school to meet me, and we headed down to town together. Her friends were with her too, and it was my first time meeting them. Very funny and direct people. And though I always appear quiet who only listens and giggle at the conversation that was going on (I am shy this way when I meet a group of new people), I was enjoying myself.

Popped by Zara because of her friends wanted to do some (window, or not) shopping. Apparently, while the girls were at the kids department, Amanda went crazy walking the little clothes as though they were living making really funny noises! -.-” It was so…. retarded and funny I laughed like mad. How her friends, me included, looked at her in awe with what she did. Priceless really.

Both of us went separate ways with her friends, and dined at Sun with Moon for dinner! (: I had my fill, and ended up feeling really bloated. I had Mixed Mushroom Hot Pot (because I love mushrooms like crazy), though I felt like I was going to be boring and ordered the Collagen Hot Pot which I tried the other time. But no, because Amanda’s allergic to collagen and I just thought it’d be better to get something we can both share. She introduced me to quite a few dishes, and they were nice! (:

Soft and tender sashimi. Amanda definitely knows what’s and where’s good around the Japanese dining industry!

Uni (sea urchin) sushi! Tried it for the very first time, as introduced by Amanda. It doesn’t come cheap, with each sushi cost around $2+! :O

My mixed mushroom hot pot, which was damn yummy! Ordered a bowl of white rice to go along with it! (:

The hour glass on top of the kamameshi Amanda ordered. The rice alone tastes so good I tell you! No pictures of that because it turned out blur and the hungry woman just started mixing everything up! Gotta

Finally tried the tofu cheesecake which I have always wanted to. (: It’s so soft and smooth, and I really love the base of the cake! Not surprising, considering that I am such a huge fan of desserts, especially ice-creams and cheesecakes! <3 The only sad thing was that the serving was so small, I can literally put the entire piece into my mouth! Imagine me taking small stingy bites in order to savour on ever single bit of it.

Oh, Jon was damn funny! He called Amanda (instead of me!) to see how the both of us were doing, and told me that he’ll scold the both of us together when he gets back for enjoying life too much. ): Bet he’s just jealous he can’t be part of the dining experience!

Met up with her friends again at Starbucks for a short chat, then the both of us settled at ION’s food court and had a long talk.This lady definitely is one of the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. Unlike those girls who are always trying to be politically-correct, she’svery career minded, lends a huge listening ear, a very true personality and I’ve learnt so much from her. She expresses her true excitement and unhappiness, whether it upsets me or freaks me out, and that’s something I really appreciate. (: It’s amazing how much closer we have become in the past year (though we’ve known each other for almost 4 years, technically speaking), and this is one good example of truly good friends doesn’t necessarily need to be friends that you’ve known for a long period of time.

I love this girl. <3

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  1. Btw Im gonna risk sounding like some glutton, but I told you BRB cus I ordered Macs.. Guess what I ordered.

    • Amanda, <3 you too babe! :D It's okay if you sound like a glutton, will love you all the same. But you brb me for macs means... HAHA. I am guess McSpicy? Weren't you very full from dinner, how can you order macs for supper omg?!


    • Amanda, I can’t believe this. You are willing to pay the delivery fee just for your twister fries?! YOUR TWISTER FRIES IS DAMN EXPENSIVE YOU LAZY BUM!


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