Uhhh-ohhh, someone’s turning 21!

Rushed back home after clinic yesterday, and then headed off to Linda’s humble home for her private 21st birthday party! (: There was a feast waiting for us! Though I was really tempted to wipe out the entire table, I ate very little. Considering the fact that Audrey dropped the crab into my soup! (Hahahaha, you better pay me one bowl of soup Audrey!) Finally saw Wen Shao and Yoke Chong, the two crazy guys whom I haven’t seen in forever!

The widespread of food! The ngor hiong is the best, and it’s making me hungry now omg!

Sitting beside you for dinner doesn’t seem to be a very good idea, right Audrey?! Hahaha.

After dinner, we played Rayman Raving Rabbits Wii and it was so much fun! My arms literally had a huge load of lactic acid build up, but I didn’t want to stop it from accumulating because it was just too fun! I was going crazy from it. Did random things like watching movie, roaming around the house talking to different people before the cake cutting session!

Linda’s cake is so bimbotic, all pinky just the way she wants it! But surprisingly the cake tasted better than it looks! I secretly wanted to take a second slice but I know I had to stop. Sometimes I feel so proud of myself when I practice self discipline. But one of the reason I need to really cut down on my food intake is because of how fat I look right now, and I haven’t been working out. ): I promise I’ll hit the gym immediately after I am done with this crazy phase of life, and then get back in shape.

We even had a yum seng session, and I think we were really loud! Okay, I think it was Sook Fung who started the whole thing. -.-” Then Jeanna started smearing some of the cake’s cream on Linda’s face, and surprisingly Linda was willing!

Played mahjong with March, Wen Shao and Yoke Chong! I need to touch the tiles more often, it’s so fun even though I don’t know what I am doing most of the time. /: I don’t even know if I win or lose at the end since I never even bother to count the tokens after the game.

I had fun at Linda’s, more fun when you get to see the same old familiar faces. (: I hope this girlfriend of mine will have a homely birthday celebration on the actual day itself, love you babe. (:

2 thoughts on “Uhhh-ohhh, someone’s turning 21!

  1. eh not that bad what!
    i served you ngoh hiang okay!
    so… i paid back already hor!

    • Audrey, Okay let me drop the crap in your soup first then I serve you the ngoh hiang too okay?! HAHAHA.


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