Bona fide.

When a friendship is genuine and true, it never feels awkward despite the absence of a meet up in a long time.

I love these people. <3

Because I was feeling vain, I wore the F21 heels that I got! Apparently the staff actually called me the day after I left my number with them because size 6 came in. I don’t know if I am regretting a little, and as much as I love heels that are 3 inch and above, this pair of heels were really high and I experienced initial difficulty with just walking alone without the hurting and aching! /:

Met up with Emily, Tiac Woo and Wen Xiang! The meeting time was 7.30pm (which was already quite late) and I only reached at 8pm! ): So terribly sorry, because I was very hungry too, but I rushed back home all the way from clinic washed up and then got out of the house with the speed of lightning! I was feeling very tired actually, but I guess meeting up with my band mates after a long time is still worth it. I missed them!

They brought me to this Thai restaurant at Far East Plaza for dinner, and it wasn’t too bad! Though the price is pretty alright, it isn’t cheap okay! Cheap is…. maybe $3/dish or something! Let us all go Chomp Chomp soon okay?! :D On top of our mains, we ordered a medium bowl of Chicken Tom Yam Soup to share! (:

The army boys -Wen Xiang and Tiac Woo!

Emily, my lovely blue puppy!

We walked over to ION and settled down at Starbucks! Though I was on a saving mode, I had the urge to grab myself a cup of Green Tea Frappe so I just did! (Totally feeling the aftermath of it – guilt and fat!) Emily’s always the nicest because she helped me to buy my drink, albeit always being the one that got bullied by the guys. She’s one of the person that has the best temper I’ve seen, and she’s getting prettier and prettier! Totally love her new and HOT hairstyle! (: Makes me feel sad about my ugly hair. Need to do something about it soon.

We had long talks till it was almost midnight about a lot of things. Serious talks that is. At the end of it, Wen Xiang said that our talk was so overwhelming he wanted to cry. I guess everyone’s stressing out about what they want to do in the future, and that’s after NS for the guys. I love these people, and I feel sorry that I am always so busy to meet up with them. That’s why they always say that they gotta book me in advance all the time. ): I promise to meet up with you guys soon okay, for Tiac Woo’s 21st mini celebration together okay?! :D

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  1. kellyn could you send me the photos please:D or is there anywhere i can grab them haha

    • Wen Xiang, Definitely! I’ll promise to make time out for that! (: I’ll upload the pictures to Facebook soon, but there aren’t a lot of pictures! ): See you soon! :D


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