It’s so much more than this.

Saturday – The entire day was taken up by school! Dragged myself out of bed and headed down to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for a half-day long clinical attachment with the Ophthalmologists (eye doctors). It was such an eye opener, being able to see so many more pathological cases that we learnt from the textbook, live! I must admit that I am absolutely impressed by the doctors! Their memory is just… amazing. I wonder how they actually remember all those theory so well and can just spit them out as though it doesn’t take much effort! Totally left me in awe. We saw patients with different eye disease, and the doctors asked us to perform our usual clinical skills and try diagnosing the different conditions with the different signs that were seen! It was so much fun!

It was such an enriching experience I’d really love to attend another of such session! Gotta mention that I felt a little inspired to be helping the people to improve their vision and health. Afterall, optometrists are the in the primary eye care & health line! Maybe that’s why despite the complains about how terrible school is, I do enjoy my course. Really. I just hope I can contribute to the society in whatever way I can in the future. (:

Left the session a little early because I had clinic. Was so reluctant because I really think I’d learn a lot more over at the TTSH! Cabbed down to West Coast for clinic with Jeff and Gwen, and we were a lot earlier than expected! What a waste, or not I’d be able to see the last patient that I missed. ): Anyway clinic was fine, and I am glad that my patients didn’t fly my kite! At least I am another step nearer to hitting my quota. (:

Pailin, Ziwei and I went to Botak Jones to buy some mashed potato and mushrooms for Yan Shan since it’s her favourite, and we were celebrating her birthday after that. But we were so hungry we bought one for ourselves too! Yiliang drove, so he came to pick us up followed by Mr Sean Lee, and drove to Kovan together. Apparently, we ended up somewhere in Seng Kang and went in rounds or an hour or so trying to find our way to get to Kovan! /: It was fun though! I guess this is the fun of being a student still.

Had Ponggol Nasi Lemak for dinner! (: Food was quite good and the queue was crazily long! We headed down to the hawker place beside Heartland Mall thereafter, for cake cutting and then the rest of the time were just spent on sitting around and chatting together. (:

The super yummy cheesy mashed potatoes from Botak Jones!

Yan Shan, the limelight of the night! (:

When everyone decided to go home after the celebration, Janice, Pei Yu, Yan Shan, Ziwei and I decided to just hang around Macs to catch up. We talked about so many things, random or not, till 3am in the morning goodness! It was fun though. (: We talked about traumatic experience of meeting into perverts and then all of us became a little scared when it was about time to go. Hahaha! Thanks Janice for sending all of us back home! (:

Amanda and I had a skype call after I washed up, and I only slept at about 5am. Goodness gracious me, I really hate crashing so late! But it has been a long time since I last had a late night chat with a girlfriend over the phone, and it was a close-to-heart talk. (:

Sunday – Dragged myself out of bed again because I was feeling so tired. But thankfully I managed to sleep in till 12pm, or else I’d kill myself. Met up with my Soulmate after such a long time! And then the best thing is that I forgot to bring the present I got for her. -.-” We met at Chinatown because she needed to buy some stuff, and we had cheap food at the hawker centre! :D I am glad she liked my usual, sour and spicy sze chuan vermicelli! (:

Shopping in town thereafter. Shopping for Stacey, window shopping for me. (: Actually there was a pair of heels that caught my eye at F21, but ugh, the smallest size available was only 7. I’m a size 6! ): It was totally worth the money, considering the quality and how sexy it was. Totally love heels that’s 3 inches or higher! I found it on the web with the size that I want, but I don’t know if I should still get it. I asked the staff to help me keep a lookout for my size and gave her my contact number, but I doubt she’d really do it for me. ): Should I buy it online, or not?

So pretty! Give me the size 6. ):

Quite impressed with the 4 storey high F21 at 313 Somerset though! It might just be the next hangout place for me! (: We went to Orchard Central for some ice-cream! Gelare my all-time favourite, which I have not eaten for the longest of time seriously! If only there were as many Gelare outlets as before. ): Was feeling a little adventurous so I tried a new flavour, cookie and dough, and it was nice! :D We sat there for along time and talked about a lot of random stuff too! I love this girl to bits! <3

Looking into my sunglasses as a mirror!

My Nokia Baby, and her new Blackberry Baby she got for free omg! I’m so jealous, seriously. /:

The entire day was just filled with laughter I swear! Laughing at the most random things, making a fool out of ourselves, and being ourselves and updating each other about the things that happened. It was just like an escapade away from the crazy school I’ve gotta deal with every day, and I really needed this.

Outfit of the day! The romper that Jon got for me! <3

I went back home for dinner because I thought I should spend some time at home, and it’d save me some money too! (: Like I’ve said, I am on my saving mode right now so every cent counts like crazy. Amanda feels the heartache looking at the way I save, ask me to just cut myself some slack and should treat myself better. I’ll, so don’t worry babe! (:

Tonight was a good seeing myself having some me-time. Applied my hair mask (finally, after a thousand years of not doing so) and worked my beauty regime while editing the slides for the clinical presentation. Got more work to touch on, but I guess that’s all for the day. I haven’t talked to Jon much for the past few days because I was busy though he dropped me short calls. I hope I didn’t neglect the boy too much, because he’s probably feeling a little lonely with all his housemates absent from the house. I’ll talk to you tomorrow night, sweetie! (:

This is the end of the 1st week of term 4. Tomorrow’s Monday, and it’s going to be a long one though I only have 2 hour of class. Project meetings, and more project meetings. Can’t wait to be over and done with for school! Gotta hang in there and get through the coming week!

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    • Janice, Must you?! -.-” I think I should never make mistakes in front of you all ever again! /:


  1. how do you pee in a romper? dont you have to take everything out? LOL! i don’t get romper, hahah!

    • Jeanette, HAHAHA omg Jeanette! What kinda question is that! Lol, yea I gotta take everything out when I pee! q: But I don’t really care, because I love it! So pretty, hee.


    • wont you feel weird stripping just to pee? everytime my friends & i see people romper, (as gross as this is gonna sound) we cannot help but imagine them pee-ing. we’re like but they are not guys, they can’t just lift up the leg hole part and pee? LOL!

    • Jeanette, Hahaha, you’re so funny Jeanette! I guess it doesn’t really feel that weird since you’re peeing in a cubicle unlike the guys right?! At least no one will be looking! q:


  2. i want a bb too :'( but our phone’s pretty cool, i like it as well hee. you look really pretty babe! take care of urself ok? i miss ya. catch up soon!

    • Estella, I want a BB too, though I am quite satisfied with my current phone right now too! Aww babe, thanks for always being so nice albeit being my “Evil Twin”. q: That’s my Rayban aviators! The one with pretty (and cute) bows at the sides is a Marc Jacob! I really love that one, but I didn’t buy it. I wish I could though! ):

      Miss you a lot too babe! Hope that school’s treating you well. Promise I’ll find time to meet up with you after my crazy FYP is making me feel slightly better without that much stress okay! :D


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