I love you.

I went out with my Dad alone to the market outside our place for dinner together. When we were in the lift getting to the ground floor, my Dad told me that it has been a long time since I last gave him a hug, and so I did. I missed my Dad and my Mom, though I see them everyday. I miss spending alone time with them. Jon would know. He knows how I’d tell him I miss my family when I stayover with him for no apparent reason. I love my family, and I miss them.

So my Dad and I walked to the market alone, talked along the way, and I even told him some of my plans to work/further my studies upon graduation this year. I’m looking at studying overseas, and though I know it very clearly that my family probably cannot support it, my Dad has no objections to it and is totally fine with me taking up a bank loan or something. He knows I want it, and from his face I could tell that he’s very supportive. I always feel so thankful for parents like these. I really do.

Over dinner, my Dad asked me about Jon. He asked if I was confident that our relationship would make it till marriage, and I said Yes. He asked how long we’ve been dating, and he was surprised at the duration. “Time passed so quickly, it has been almost four years already.” And I couldn’t agree more. It was just like when Jon’s Mom asked him when the both of us plan to settle down. My Dad said into my face that he trust me, and he trust Jon. That’s probably the reason why he’s so opened minded about our relationship.

Then my Dad and I had this family talk…

D: Having 2 kids will be enough. It doesn’t matter if they’re gonna be girls or boys, what’s more important is that they are healthy.
K: Why 2 kids leh! (I’m thinking of 3 actually)
D: 1’s gonna be too lonely, 2 will be good. More importantly is family planning.

(after a while)

D: But if Shao Qing and Shao Jie only have girls, I want them to have more kids. Because your kids are not going to follow my surname anyway! HAHAHA.
K: -.-“

Seriously my Dad is damn crappy and lame at times, but that’s him. Though he may not be well educated, he’s the one who brought us up. The one who loved us, and the one who showered care and concern for the 3 of us.

Oh, by the way when we were supposed to go somewhere further for dinner together. But when we reached the carpark, my Dad was surprised to see a black garbage bag cover the window of the front passenger seat. Apparently the window was smashed! He just stood there and stare blankly into the broken window. We checked if anything was missing, and nothing was. Apparently there was an accident; the grass cutters were doing their job when a rock hit my Dad’s window. So phew, at least they left down a contact number and he’d be getting his car window fixed tomorrow. So dramatic, but thank goodness it was an accident and not a break in.

I love you, Dad.

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