Accidentally in Love, literally.

It’s exactly a week since you’ve been gone, and I think I am surviving very well till this very moment. Perhaps it’s because we still talk on the phone every day without fail, dropping random messages and calls to each other every now and then. Thanks Baby, for making this a lot easier for me. (:

I hope 6 months will pass in a blink of an eye.

Had a MSN conversation with Amanda yesterday evening, and I really enjoyed the entire conversation. It was quite funny considering the direction of where the conversation went and ended. Couldn’t stop laughing and smiling the whole time! She’s one girl that turned out to be quite close with. I, myself, am surprised with that too, considering my first impression of her and stuff. In addition, I get to know all the interesting stories from Jon’s secondary school life. Maybe a nightmare to him, but definitely amusing for me! q: Really need to meet this girl for some girly time out together soon!

And my Soulmate too! We’ve been so busy with our own stuff we haven’t even met up since I came back from HK. ): But we had a great, albeit short, MSN convo tonight laughing and ranting about YouTube videos! We even came up with some plans to carry out together really soon! Hopefully it’d be carried out in full, and it’d be so exciting! :D Can’t wait to meet up with my other sister on Sunday! :D

And like I’ve said before, last Saturday marked the end of the exciting life, and now I’m back to school with loads of deadlines coming up. So much so I’ve decided not to work for this week just to work on my FYP and projects. I really wanted to work though! Gotta recuperate the money I’ve spent during the HK trip. Not forgetting that I’m trying to be financially independent as well; and that means paying of my own bills and allowances, if possible for the latter. /: It’s not surprising that as we all grow older, financial burdens will start to set in. It’s never to late to start saving, so I’m currently on a saving spree right now. Too much things lined up in the near future.

Gotta work on my FYP report and I really hate statistics big time ugh. ): FYP’s one big reason why I can’t wait for graduation to arrive as soon as possible. Haven’t been having enough rest for the past few days either, though I’ve been hitting the sack before 12am. I have absolutely no idea what’s draining me out so much. All I’m asking for is for me to get through the last term in school smoothly.

6 more weeks till the last week of school.

4 thoughts on “Accidentally in Love, literally.

  1. i like the logo you made! :) 6 months will fly past, dont worry babe! sigh anthony might leave for internship this year too. and it’s also for 6 months. so u must rmb to tell me the same things when he leaves :'( meet me soon! i feel like some shopping hehh

    • Estella, You mean the heart shaped Favicon?! Awww you noticed, teehee! I was so bored so I was playing around with it! :D Where will he be going if he’ll be away for intership?! It’s okay, the lonely girls will go out and shop and get some company from each other. Yes I’ll find some time to meet you soon! Need some evil twin therapy! :D


  2. OMG, i didnt know its just 6 more weeks!!!!! i cant believe it! hahahaha.
    good for you! i failed to get into 6 months attachment, freaking hate school /:

    • Stacey, Yea it’s approximately 6 weeks only! :D Can’t wait for it to end! I bet you feel the same way too. School’s such a dread ugh! /:


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