The time I’ve been waiting for is finally here – 2010

I hope everyone had a great start to the new year, because I did!

A very pleasant start in fact. (:

On New Year’s Eve, Jon & I woke up really late and our initial plans of going to Hort Park in the morning was aborted. We woke up at around 12pm, and only left my house at about 2pm. /: Headed down to Queensway market for lunch, and I was so upset because the ba chor mee uncle forgotten that my usual order was kway teow and not those yellow mee. I don’t eat yellow mee as much as I can, because I don’t like the taste. ): Went over to IKEA to get my full-length mirror, then to Queensway Shopping Centre to put it into Jon’s Dad’s car.

We thought of going to Hort Park after that, but thinking of the hot weather in the afternoon and the inconvenience of going there deterred us. And because I wanted to, we went shopping at Bugis! :D I made Baby walk the entire Bugis Village with me a few rounds because I was in the mood for shopping, and he was so tired! Thanks Baby for shopping with me without complains, though you might be a little bored. And Baby got me a romper too! :D I was feeling so happy that day, and it’s probably because of the ultimate combination of Boyfriend + Shopping! q:

I gave Baby a dinner treat at Ajisen, and we ate to our tummy’s content! Just feel like pampering my boy a little bit on that day. :D Had my usual crayfish ramen while Jon ordered volcano ramen!

I bought 2 pairs of pretty earrings after dinner, and then we took a bus down to Queesnway and waited for his Dad to knock off from work. Went back to his place for a short while, and then we drove to my place to fix up the mirror we bought! :D The mirror was done up, but we didn’t get to hang it up yet since the 3M hooks had be sticked onto the wall for some time first before it can be used.

Rushed out to make sure that we’d make itin time for the New Year together! :D Initially I wanted to catch the magnificiant fireworks at Marina Barrage together, but I changed the idea and suggested having a private countdown with only the both of us at our old dating place back in 2006! :D We bought fire sparkles so that we can play with it together! (: When we were walking along the river, we walked past a pub…

Pub: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…. *counting donw*
K: Oh shit oh shit! We haven’t reached the particular bridge!
J: *Took out a box of sparkles and started lighting up all 6 sparkles while walking*
K: *Laughs to myself* It’s okay dear, we don’t need to start the sparkles at 12 midnight sharp! I just want to start the first moment of the year beside you.
J: *Still trying very hard to light up the sparkles because the lighter was slightly malfunctioning*
P: 3, 2, 1!
K: Happy New Year Baby! *Gives Jon a kiss*

In the end, he still didn’t manage to light up the sparkles at 12 midnight sharp. But he did after that, all 6 of them! So he was holding on to 6 sparkles in one hand while walking. -.-” That obviously meant that we wasted one entire box of sparkle without playing! ):

Instead of walking to the bridge, I suggested that we just settled somewhere along the river! So we crossed the barrier and walked down to play by the river! :D I had so much fun even though we didn’t buy too many sparkles! It was like bringing back to childhood memories of playing with them, and it was Jon’s first time playing them in 15 years (or so he said)!


C for Chau!

I was moving the sparkles so hard that it turned out like that when it was extinguished. q:

Sticking all the fire sparkles into the ground!

Okay, the background is supposed to be a heart, but it isn’t obvious here. ):

I was drawing the letter K on the first picture, and then it turned out as a star! So pretty heehee!

Packing up the rubbish! Hey, I did help okay! Just that I decided to take a picture of this to show that we’re good citizens who don’t litter! q:


Went to meet up with some of his Kent Ridge buddies – Amanda, Lim & Vincent – for supper at some coffee shop inWest Coast (which is actually just opposite where my Grandma stays)! Chat for a while, and then Jon drove all of us to Henderson Waves because Amanda bought Vodka from 7-Eleven before that to drink/celebrate in-lieu of the new year! It was Jon & my first time at Henderson Waves, and there were a lot of people sitting around there! Anyway, the place’s quite pretty! :D

We just sat around somewhere, and then we started playing some games! I’m always proud of my boyfriend because he’s responsible enough to reject drinking since he has the responsibility of driving everyone back home! (: Anyway, the game we played was quite fun, and Amanda and I was in “a team” so we were damn high when the boys gotta drink it! Jon also couldn’t stop laughing the whole time because it was just hilarious! Amanda was a bit too high at the end of the game, haha.

Polaroids taken to start the new year! q:

The both of us only slept at around 6am, and then woke up at about 12.30pm. It was nice waking up to the start of the new year with yourother half smiling beside you, wanting to love you, kiss and hug you tight.(: Anyway, we could have slept a little longer, but the boy has got to go pack his luggage and head down to the salon to get his haircut. His Mom and the both of us headed down to Chinatown together since she wanted to buy some stuff. I bought my toner, mascara and eyeliner since I was running low on them. It’s only the first day of the month, and I must control my spending!

Went back to his place for dinner thereafter, and then the both of us spent the rest of the night laying on the bed together till it was time for him to leave the house for the airport. It was nice, just having nothing to do and just talk to each other like that. (:

I love this boy, way too much.

The boy’s at Raymond’s place in KL right now, and will be taking a budget flight to Melbourne tomorrow. He could have probably taken a direct flight from Singapore and leave a day or 2 later, but chosing this route actually helped him to save about $500!

The past 1.5 months was like a breather to make up for the rest of the year. Though the physicaltime we spent together is probably a lot lesser than the others, but what we have is irreplacable. It’s so… strong, and fresh. I am actually feeling quite neutral as he departs from the airport, maybe because the both of us are slowly getting used to it. Every time we separate, a whole load of exciting plans await us when we reunite. There’s nothing I should be sad of. (:

Till we meet again in 6 months time, my precious little sweetheart.

6 thoughts on “The time I’ve been waiting for is finally here – 2010

  1. OMG i think i have the exact same mirror from ikea as you! hahaha. evil twins think alike eh?

    • Estella, Hahaha, I think it’s just that we are both cheapo people! q: SGD9.90 FTW! Cheap things makes me happy, teehee! :D


  2. Kellyn, I’m a cheapo too!! I got that same mirror! HAHAHAHA! And you actually hooked it up with 3M hooks? I saw my dad drilling and putting screws into the wall befor putting it up, turns out 3M hooks work just fine, I’m so going to laugh at him bout it later! hahah!

    • Emily, Yea I used the 3M hooks but then they didn’t last! ): The mirror is on my floor now. But I don’t know if it’s because the hooks are old since I found them at Jon’s place! Drilling and putting screws are the most practical ideas since they will last for sure! Unless you might want to take out the mirrors and put something else there next time.

      I <3 cheapo deals, HEEHEE!


  3. Hello Baby. The 3M hooks are old or we damaged it cos we pulled it out after sticking it on the wall. This is a very long entry. I love this entry. I like the 2010 and your name. Thanks to the camera man (ME) :D

    • Jon, Yea that’s why! ): I gotta go buy 3M hooks already and see if it works this way. /: Or should I wait for you to come back and put it up for me? HAHA. q: I love my name too, but I also love the <3 you drew! :D So pretty heee. Yes you make a good camera man, so you should use this skill of yours more often! HAHAHA.


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