In the year 2009, I…

  • Hit the big 20! ):
  • Long distance relationship, all over again.
  • On both occassions when Jon came back, we had relatively huge quarrels disagreements. I wouldn’t call it a quarrel because we talked them out face-to-face, andthey were all resolved in less than 24 hours. I really like the fact that we’d want to sort our unhappiness out together.
  • Jon & I have carried out the first plan in action for our future; along term commitment of 8 years.
  • 2009 is probably the year I travelled the most. Went to Batam, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur (twice somemore!), and Hong Kong! 3 of which is with my favourite boy. (:
  • Batam OITP has brought me closer to my fellow DOPT mates whom we were aquintances beforehand. (: Though I was separated with loads of my fellow 01 classmates with the new class, I enjoyed my 3rd year in poly. Mainly because of the load of new friends made. (:
  • I’ve learnt to filter people who really matter. Have been a lot stronger than before, and I’ve learnt to ignore people who tried to impact my life with negativity. Apparently, I think all of these acts appeared more like a joke to me.
  • Then again, because of this, I learnt to love the people who really matters to me.
  • Made new friends, or became closer with already-friends! (:

2009 wasn’t an easy year for me. Problems came, and there were issues in my family that brought me quite a lot of worries and woes. School was bleak because of the new class (which was a problem only at the initial stage) and FYP. /:

I thought to myself, way back in April 2009, that this was a bad year for me, and I was already looking forward to 2010 ever since. But despite the tough times, I guess there are still things I enjoy from 2009. I’ll never let the bad things completely overwrite the good ones. Thank you people for helping me get pass the year 2009. It wouldn’t have been easier without you guys.(:

2010 is here.

It’s finally here. (:

4 thoughts on “In the year 2009, I…

  1. hahaha! i like the last picture! lets give a name for the 3 of us! :D

    • Stacey, I like the last picture too! We took nice pictures at Sunset Grill! :D What should we name the 3 of us then?! q:


  2. awwwwww i am inside! so sweet of you evil twin! ;D heheh LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU. i give this entry 10/10 marks HAHAHA. lets hope 2010 will be good :) happy new year!

    • Estella, Of course you’re inside! You’re my evil twin! :D But hey, you only gave me full marks because your face appeared right! ): Hahaha! 2010 will be good, and happy new year to you! :D


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