Time is tight, can you see?

Just like any other relationship, mine is not Perfect.

Because I am feeling very disappointed now, it has dawned to me that there are loads of thing that I wanted to complete/do with Jon when he’s back with me. I’ve came up with a list of activities to carry out before he’s back, to compensate for the time we’ve lost without each other throughout the rest of the year.

But not so much for Jon’s case. He doesn’t really plan what he wants to do, because “it’ll be good if we can just be with each other”. That’s sweet, but I don’t want to be at each other’s place 24/7 with nothing to do, but it’ll “be happy because we’re by each other’s side”. I want fun, I want something interesting, something out of the blue. That’s me. That’s also the reason why I came up with the list of things to do!

  1. I wanted to have picnic with Jon at Marina Barage, but he said it’s under renovation so I can’t say much about this.
  2. I wanted the both of us to sit down and work on our travel log together, but it’s not even done. Now we’ve got 2 KL trips and 1 Hong Kong Trip on handto update about. Use this as a gauge: It took me about a day or 2 to photoshop the pictures, another day to get them develop, another 3 days to cut & paste and write about the activities and thoughts. So much just for one trip that last for about 3 days. Imagine how much time I’d actually need to finish up for the 3 trips, especially when the HK trip is 7 days long.
  3. I really wanted to dine at Prive together, but I cancelled it because I wanted to save money.
  4. Jon wanted the both of us to sit down and create a new wallpaper using photoshop together. We haven’t got it done.
  5. Jon wanted us to eat at Queensway market together, just to have the usual food I always eat at work. We haven’t got it done.
  6. I wanted to go to Hort Park. We haven’t got it done.
  7. I wanted to buy my full length mirror from IKEA. We haven’t got it done, though we did went there.
  8. I wanted to Jon to stay at my place for another 2 more days before he departs. But since he’s flying off this friday and has already pushed back/cancelled his stayover plans, I think I am left with almost nothing.
  9. I wanted to take a long relaxing stroll at Clarke Quay too. I dated him on Monday for this, but plans changed and we went to Sim Lim Square instead. But, I still want to go Clarke Quay.

I can’t remember anything else off hand right now. But it’s so bleak. This boy has got to see that he has chose to take up summer semester, and would be leaving in Jan and not the usual February. I am being robbed of my one month away, and we don’t have much time together. It’s damn disappointing how I can’t get most of the things I really wanted to do. Most of the things I wanted to do don’t cost a lot, and are simple. I don’t understand how come it’s so difficult sometimes.

Jon doesn’t really wanna go out on NYE, whereas I really want to go out and have some fun. Now he has agreed to watch fireworks with me, since I suggested it. But if I don’t do/say anything, I will get nothing! Or rather, we’d just probably count down at his place. He’s flying on 1st Jan, so that entire day is not going to be touched obviously.

At times, my plans were postponed or cancelled because he has his plans. So, I sacrificed my plans for his. I am not saying that he’s bad or whatsoever, but sometimes he has got to see what I really want to do.

It’s Tuesday now. So that leaves me with only Wednesday.

One day left. Can you see how time tight we are? Don’t tell me there’s always next time, because I am sure there’d be more stuff that I’d want to do, or we’d be packed with the same stuff every time because it seems like they’ll never be done.

Really appreciate it when Jon said “I really wish I could be by your side” when I was telling him how upset and disappointed I am over the phone. But I was still very upset and disappointed to show you how much I appreciated it.I guess you don’t know how much I want to get things done, how time tight we were, and I really hoped that you knew and understood.

Still feeling a disappointed, but a lot better than before. My body and mind has a way of keeping myself in control. Maybe I get angry/upset easily, but I cool down relatively quick too.

I hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

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