A dream come true

Because you’re all that I really need. The only one that can bring such a smile on my face. It all feels too surreal to have you.

Last Saturday , I woke up early in the morning and headed down to the football court with Jon and his brothers. My boy heads to the court almost every saturday with his brothers when he’s around, “one of the boys that’s always in the basketball court playing football” way back in primary school (or so I remembered), the captain of his secondary school soccer team. But to be honest, I haven’t really seen him do his foot tricks and I thought it’d be a good chance to see this boy do his foot tricks! :D Matt was there too! (:

It was quite an eye opener seeing how the rules of playing in a neighbourhood court works, when there’s just one court and so many teams waiting to play. Apparently, there’s only 2 teams playing and the winner team gets to stay in the court. If I am not wrong, the first team that scores 2 goals win.

Seeking refuge from umbrella, away from the sun.

The Chau Brothers. (Jon’s the eldest, and the shortest too! Omg, I feel so sad now.)

Sweaty, smelly and sexy! (Note the alliterations)

The bad thing is that most of the time was spent on waiting, I even got a chance to nap under the umbrella for a little while as I sat on the floor at the corner! Other than that, I never thought that it was boring. It was quite engaging in fact! :D Though I didn’t take part in playing, I was feeling so tired for the rest of the day! I napped on the journey to a coffeeshop for lunch, on the journey back to The Chau’s place, at The Chau’s while Jon bathed, and when Jon sent me back home. The moment I reached home, I just slept immediately. Basically I just slept anywhere as long as I had the chance to! O.O My family picked Jon up from his place, and then we headed down to my Granny’s place for dinner. Dinner was simple, and my uncle made some home-made ice-cream! It had some cheesy flavour to it, and I quite like it! My Granny asked my brother to bring home the entire tub, and my brother finished everything in less than a day! I swear I didn’t even touched it. /: Like I said, I don’t know what hit me but I was so tired that day, so I hit the sack not long after I reached home. Sunday saw me taking my own sweet time packing my stuff at home, then heading down to town alone for some quick shopping and finally to Jurong Point with Jon to get some Christmas wrappers. We had to wrap up some gifts for the Christmas party at his maternal cousin’s place. Jon & I headed back to his place to wrap up the presents, and then we squeezed in the car and drove down to the party! There was quite a wide spread of food, and the gift exchange session was quite funny! I had my fair share of fun and laugther there! Oh, and we sang Christmas carols when Jon’s cousin, Edna, played the guitar. (:

The Chaus. (Jon’s eating, check it out yo!)

Singing to Christmas Carols. (:

Gifts exchange was quite an enjoyable one! It was more like a game actually, which was fun! :D

Pandan & Mango cakes! Yummy! p:

The Chau’s (maternal) extended family.

Just something interesting. Jon was sending me back home when we saw this website on a cab as an advert! I was like… business strategy fail. Please give your website a better URL. /:

After FYP meeting today , I met up with Jon and I brought him to Wasabi-Tei for dinner! :D When we first entered the place, Jon was making so much comments about how small the place was and if the food was just gonna be overated. But it was quite a different story when the food was served. The appetizer was interesting, and he thought that his mackerel set was good. But he said that it’d be better if it tasted a bit fish-er! O.O Who on earth would want to eat fishy tasting fish, eeew! The both of us were so bloated after the meal, I couldn’t even finish my portion of food! Though we didn’t order the sashimi, Jon said that they looked really fresh! (:

Jon’s mackerel set!

My yakitori teppanyaki set! :D

Ordered a bowl of chawan mushi for Jon to try because of the mushroom overload! Jon previously said that all chawan mushi tastes the same, and they can’t be very much different. But apparently, he did say that this was good! :D

Shopped around Far East thereafter, and I left the place empty handed! Actually there was a dress that caught my attention, and it was snakeskin design which Jon didn’t like. But oh well, I was looking into the mirror for a while and I decided to give it a miss because I felt it’d go out of trend soon. Hate spending money on things that don’t last! /: I found something similar, but I thought I looked too ugly and fat in it! ): Wait till I loose my flabs then I might consider! q: We headed down to Sim Lim Square thereafter, and Jon insisted on taking a bus when I wanted to take the train. And that was when the whole drama thing started.

K: Hey, bus 14 is here! Let’s go! It goes to Bugis so we must walk a bit only! *boards the bus, and we were reaching Marina Square*
K: *Looks at Jon with guilt and fear* Hey dear, don’t kill me okay? I think this bus is going to head to East Coast Park instead of Bugis. It’s bus 7 that goes to Bugis. *sticks out tongue*
J: *Looks at me, not knowing to laugh or cry because it’s not the first time we got onto the wrong bus because of me*
K: Okay okay I’m sorry okay! *laughs non-stop* Shall we just get down at the next stop?
J: *Still wanting to try his luck* Nope, we’ll just wait for a few more stop and see where it goes.
K: I think we should stop here, since we can see some of the buildings in Bugis from here! We can just walk over.
J: *STILL�wanting to try his luck* Nevermind.

In the end, we stopped at Geylang! HAHAHAHA, it’s so damn funny I don’t even feel guilty for making us board the wrong bus anymore! q: Thank goodness the bus stop opposite the one we alighted at has a bus that can get us to Bugis, for real this time. I think Jon will never ever trust me when it comes to taking bus again! I am laughing as I am typing this, seriously! I can think of all the times when I made the both of us board the wrong bus, and when it makes the unfamiliar turn Jon’s eye will just bulge out! Hahaha, super hilarious!

He could have just heed my advice and took the train when the journey could have been less than 10 minutes! Not my fault entirely, hahaha! q:

Headed to my place because I wanted to wash up, and all he did was to crash on my bed as usual. -.-” Took a train to Jon’s place after I was done. I really thank God for understanding parents like mine, because I have been away from home for quite a while. I bet they secretly hates it when Jon comes back because it’s as good as losing a daughter. q: When Jon came to my place today, my Dad said “Why are you here again?” with a evil grin! At least my parents understands and doesn’t make a big fuss out of it. (:

Since the moment I’ve arrived at Jon’s place, I’ve been served with Korean strawberries, oranges and now Kettle potato chips. I’m going to die as a fat pig. ): I feel like watching Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2008 now, but then again I’ve got FYP meeting at 11am tomorrow. My eyelids are feeling a little heavy right now too. ): Shall go find out where Jon is right now, before I decide on either one! Goodnight world! :D

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