Winter Wonderland

Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone had a good celebration, with their families, loved ones, friends, or anyone! :D

Christmas Eve was spent with mainly with Jon, Raymond and Xing Ying! :D We went to pick Xing Ying up, and met up with his Melb Uni commerce friends! we had buffet for lunch at Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant, located at Turf City! The food was good, and it was value for money! Gotta say that the sashimi is damn fresh, I like! :D

Went to Queensway thereafter because Raymond wanted to get his contact lenses while Rachel bought her sunglasses. Emmanuel and Rachel left thereafter, and we went to shop around Queensway for a little while before heading to Cathay to catch Avatar in 3D! :D Zongwen and his girlfriend joined us for it too. (: A good movie never feels long even if it’s last for almost 3 hours, just the same as 2012! The story line was good, and thumbs up for the CGI! Go catch it if you haven’t! :D

Had bak kut tehdinner at Havelock Road, our usual bak kut teh hangout! Went over to my place for a short while because I need to collect my stuff, and then we headed down to Holland V for some desserts. I brought my flute down since Xing Ying wanted to try playing the flute, and we played it in the car! Bet Jon must be irritated with all the noise produced! q: Raymond tried too, and it took him a long time to produce a sound! Hahaha.

Raymond just can’t stop laughing when he attempts to smile so as to get the right embouchure before he could actually start playing!

We wanted to settle at 2am dessert bar, but it was full booked so we went over to Mykii instead. Didn’t get myself anything because I had some cravings for Frolicks, but apparently it was already closed after we were done with the desserts at Mykii! ):

There was a group photo without Jon’s face being blocked. But the guys looked extremely retarded in there, so I am putting this up instead!

If you actually noticed, I didn’t have pictures from the first half of the day because my Dad borrowed my camera and only got them later that night. Pictures are with Xing Ying though!

Christmas was a simple affair. Jon & I went to IMM’s Giant for some grocery shopping to buy some food since we were whipping up a feast at home! Xing Ying and her boyfriend came along as well.Bought a hell load of things, and the bill came up to about $85! :O So much more than we have expected. /:

Drove back to Chau’s residence, and then we started preparing for our dinner straight away! It took us about2 hours to finish cooking, and it was hard work! But I really love cooking with Jon Baby. Makes me feel so happy and achieved at the end of every cooking session. (:

I started with the dessert preparation first since it has to be frozen, which equates to waiting. Then I worked on the mushroom soup, and it turned out not too bad for the first time! :D A little creamy and the blender was too strong, that’s why the soup was quite smooth in the end. /: Cutting the mushrooms and cooking them before turning them into the actual soup required loads of effort! I am quite proud of it actually, but a lot of room for improvement! (: And because preparing the soup was so time consuming, Xing Ying’s boyfriend, helped me with preparing my signature mashed potato which turned out nice! :D

Our dinner: Mashed potato, chicken, salmon, cocktail sausages, carrots, broccoli, cheery tomatoes and mushroom soup! :D It was a super filling meal!

Xing Ying and her boyfriend.

The Chau brothers.

The dessert: Berry ice-cream Parfait.

My dessert didn’t turn out so good because the ice-cream that was purchased was quite lousy! >:( Should have gotten something better, because it melts really quickly! I couldn’t even get my layering properly done, but I guess it tasted not too bad since Jerwin asked me how to prepare it. :D Gotta try making this another time, with better ingredients the next time round!

Christmas was a simple and homely affair. Didn’t regret on deciding to give up going out for a fine dining dinner together with Jon, because it’s nice just cooking a feast together with my love. Not only is it economic (about $15/person for an extremely filling meal), we get to work on our culinary skills too! :D Both of us agreed on not to get any present for each other, in the attempt to save some money too. (:

Gotta go crash now since it’s getting late, and I need to wake up early tomorrow. Gonna watch Jon & his brother play football tomorrow, since I have yet to watch my boy played football before. Hey, he’s the captain of the school team when he was in secondary school! Gotta see the boy work on his foot tricks tomorrow, while I melt and die in the sun! Hope it’ll all be fun, and I won’t complain of being bored! :D

4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. yums i love mashed potato, mushroom soup and western food in general! :) looking at the food makes me hungry though, zzz. hahaha. ooooh la la u tried the berry ice cream parfait! it looks good! maybe next time just buy good ice cream la! you pay for what u get i guess! :D glad u had a homely Christmas this year. treasure the time u have with jon now! you’ll surely miss him damn alot when he leaves so make enough memories to last the days without him! :)

    • Estella, I love western food, but what I really wanna learn to cook will be chinese cuisine! Mash potato is easy to make though! And yea, I tried the berry ice-cream parfait, but I think it looks terrible! ): Must be the ice-cream’s fault I swear! ): And thanks babe, I’ll definitely treasure the times with Jon right now! ;D


  2. thank you for helping me with the sunglasses babe (: i’d never have realised that I like that kind of frame if you didn’t bring it out for me to try! merry christmas!!! :D

    • Rachel, Hahaha, sure thing babe. Not a problem at all. I hope you really like the pair of sunglasses, they look good on you! Merry Christmas! :D


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