A season of giving! :D

I wasn’t feeling well earlier today, and gave the contact lens plant visit to JB a miss and took a longer nap instead. Thankfully after I woke up, I felt a lot better but I still headed to see the doctor later in the afternoon to get my medications. My throat and headache are still giving me quite a bit of problems. ):

Met up with Jon & Raymond in the late afternoon, and I was super late so I treated Raymond to a cuppa bubble tea! Got myself a tank top because I needed one, and then we made our way to wheelock. Made a reservation for a table of 9 at Sun with Moon at 6.30pm, and the 3 of us went to NYDC to get some yummy mudpie! :D

Grandma goes nuts! My favourite mudpie from NYDC! :D

Dinner at Sun with Moon wasn’t too bad. I ordered a Hot pot with collagen ball because it was skin food and I was fascinated! q:The collagen ball looked kinda gross, like a kidney, in the menu. But when it came, the collagen ball actually melted and became part of the soup, how amazing! Bet I sound like a total retard now, but the soup’s really nice! :D Wanted to try the tofu cheesecake, but was a tad too full to go for the desserts.

The gift exchange part was probably the funniest thing of the night though! March kept getting her own present, while the other girls keep trying to avoid getting presents from Jon & Raymond since they kept saying that their presents are quite terrible. Apparently Jolyn got Jon’s present, and she quite liked the small little jewerly box while Kay Minn got Raymond’s incense holder in the form of a steamer, or whatever you call it! It’s the basket that dim sum is served in! Jeanna got my present, and I think she likes it quite a lot. I like the bracelet myself too! My present was from Sook Fung, and it’s a cookbook! Hopefully I’ll get to whip up something from the book! :D

The presents for our gifts exchange! :D

Waiting patiently for their presents!

Jon kept laughing hysterically when someone gets either Raymond or his present. But apparently, it seems that the people that got theirs quite like the present. (:

We wanted to catch a movie after the gifts exchange, but the movies we wanted to catch were quite long and the timing weren’t very good on our side. ): We ended up hanging outside Lido for a while, until Jon & Raymond had to leave to Queensway. So the rest of us just walked around town and took some pictures with the christmas trees! Have been doing this for a few years already, since secondary school! :D Settled down at Indochine thereafter to just update each other about random things. Didn’t get myself any drink since I wasn’t feeling well and I had my medication after dinner. They ordered a big plate of fries, and I was so tempted to have some but resisted because I really wanted to recover. ):

Trying to take a picture for us, in a really unglam manner! q:

The really beautiful lighting inside the christmas tree of ION!

One of my favourite girls in the world!

Lingered around till it was almost 12am, and then we all rushed off to catch the last train back home. Haven’t been hanging out with the girls for quite a while already, and it was nice just catching up with them and updating each other of the people around us. Some was funny and interesting though. (:

And tonight, I missed Jon a hell load for some reason. He’s flying off next friday, and everything’s just happening too soon. We need more time together. The thought of going through another separation makes me shiver. Sigh, I guess I can’t ask for anything since this is a long distance relationship I’m talking about. ):

3 thoughts on “A season of giving! :D

  1. everyone looks gorgeous ! :) esp you heheh. jon seriously looks evil when he laughed at whoever got his present leh. HAHAHA dont tell him i said that. or he will hate me before he meets me. i love the soup from the collagen pot! last time i went there with xiuling and my other girlfriends. one of them ordered this! :)

    • Estella, Don’t be silly! I felt so flawful and sick that day! ): Yes, he is super evil man! Hahaha, I bet he’ll read this even before I tell him or something! q: The soup is super yummy right! I want to go back there and try the other food and desserts! Go with me next time okay! :D


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