Back to where I belong (:

This picture is so retarded, but I like! :D

19th December 2009, Day six: It was the last day in Hong Kong! Had dimsum for breakfast at this restaurant. Dimsum is so much cheaper than it is in Singapore, even in restaurants that seems expensive like these! Not forgetting that they taste good! :D The only thing’s that they don’t come in buffet, but it’s still good enough to fill us up. (:

Are breakfast, we went to Central Pier to take a ferry to Lamma Island for some seafood. It’s quite a laid back island, just like a small little town. Had our share of seafood, walked around the little island for a short while, and we headed back to the mainland.

Apparently this is their so-called-normal pose. -.-“

Fried calamari, in a different style.

Apparently, we all think that this is the best dish of the 3! The veggie is really fresh and crunchy, I like! :D

Went to Mong Kok (again) because I needed to buy some stuff, and then we headed back to our hostel atTsim Sha Shui. Lazed around at our hostel for a while, and then we went to Pizza hut for dinner because the two guys have been going on and on about it since days ago! We had to queue up, but it was worth the wait. The pizza was quite good, and I like the risotto we ordered! :D Went to Hui Lau Shan to have mango desserts thereafter! :D

With bird nest! :D

20th December 2009, Day seven: Woke up early, and we checked out of our hostel and made our way to Sheung Wan to catch a ferry to Macau. Apparently when I was boarding the train, the door closed after I entered and the 2 guys have yet to board the train! :O That happened to Raymond once too, but we just met up again at our destination. Thankfully it wasn’t difficult to meet up again, because I do not have any means to contact anyone. Furthermore, I couldn’t even remember the number of the HK number we got for our trip.

Ferry tickets!

Must be a good hair day! My hair falls in place so nicely that day! :D

Slept through the ferry ride, and we waited for the Hotel’s shuttle bus at Macau’s ferry terminal for quite a long time! /: We were quite surprised when we reached our hotel because it turned out a lot nicer than we expected!

Our room!

Thank goodness we only decided to stay in Macau for 1 day instead of the original 2 days. Thought that Macau was rather boring, with nothing much to walk around. ): We visited the Venetian Hotel and the casino in our hotel, which was quite pathetic.

We stumbled upon this cupcake shop near our hotel, and it’s called Little Miss Cupcake! The cupcakes that were sold looks really pretty, and I believe any girl would just want to stare at them the whole day. So pretty!

Nothing makes Jon happier than food. Not even me. ):

This is how I get abused. ):

The Venetian Hotel. It’s huge!

The interior!

The Grand Hall.

Oh, and I found BOOST in The Venetian Hotel! But apparently, it doesn’t taste as good as the one in Singapore/Australia. /:

And again. -.-“

The exterior!

The experience at the casino was bad yet funny. Bad because, generally in Macau, people were allowed to smoke in air-conditioned area and that is really terrible! ugh!It was funny because Raymond changed HKD100 worth of tokens initially, and then he lost it instantly at the first try. When he changed another HKD50 worth of token, the same thing happened! It was so hilarious really!

I was feeling hungry in the middle of the night, so I got myself a sandwich from the room service. Sigh, my appetite is getting very out of hand, all thanks to the guys! ): 21th December 2009, Day eight: Jon & I woke up early and headed to the airport while Raymond slept in since his flight to Singapore is in the afternoon. Thank goodness this time round we managed to get a sit together. We were so broke and hungry I decided to try if my GO! POSB debit card would be able to work, and thankfully it did! Bought a box of chinese cookies just to stop our tummies from growling. We are seriously that broke! ): The flight back home was long and dreadful! We were feeling so thirsty, and it was not surprising that the budget airline’s seat weren’t that comfy. /:

I love skies, especially pretty ones, big time!

This guy is getting better and better when it comes to giving ugly funny faces, hahaha! q:

My dad picked the both of us up, and we went to Changi Village to have lunch together because all of us were hungry. Albeit all the fun from the holidays, it feels really good to be back home! (: It was my 2nd time to HK, and Jon’s first. But whatever it is, we both had a great time together on this trip. (: This is the 3rd country we went together, and many more countries to travel around together. (:

On a side note, I am feeling really sick and terrible right now. I am down with a runny nose, flu, a headache, and I can feel that a fever is coming right up! ): Must be because of the cold weather and the endless eating of rubbish. Not forgetting that I officially gained 3kg from the trip. Sigh! Feeling fat and sick is the worse combination ever!

Gotta go crash now before I die any time soon. Goodnight!

11 thoughts on “Back to where I belong (:

  1. You should have gone to the space mountain and the disney 3D theatre and made the entrance fees worthy man! hahahahah!!!

    • Stacey, The guys! They were feeling really sian from all the rides and wanted to leave the theme park asap. ): Jon was wondering how come you can go there for THREE times when Hilary said that hahaha.

      The queues to take pictures with the characters are damn long! ): I wanted to take, but the guys…. ):


  2. omg i love the cupcakes! so pretty!!! heheh you take care of yourself please drink lots of water! so good la, you went to 3 countries with him already :) I WANT DIM SUM. hahaha i almost typed dim dum. -.- okay meet me when ur free! im busy this week :(

    • Estella, HAHAHA, I thought of you when I saw the cupcakes! cupcakesandhappypills! q: Thanks babe, I am already flooding myself with loads of water! I think I might go visit the doctor later. ): And hee, more countries to come! q:

      OKAY must meet soon! I am busy this week too. ): Might not be able to have double date with you though, cos Jon’s flying off next friday! ):


  3. that sucks :( nevermind we can just meet for some chillin’ ! (im too broke to really shop shop) next time he comes back then we double date! tell him dont be shy already kkz. HAHAH.

    • Estella, That sucks totally! ): But it’s alright, because we can get some girly time out together and have some great catch up session! :D The double date will be in July 2010 I presume? Hahahah! q: I don’t know if he’ll feel shy, and hopefully he sees this! q:


  4. Estella – Hello, i do not think that i would be shy. And what makes you think so?

    Kellyn – Do i know your BESTFRIEND? HAHA

    • Jon, Because I told Estella that you said you are shy to meet her! HAHAHA! q: And the bestfriend I am talking to Audrey about is different from the bestfriend you know. My best friend, in your case, is your armpit! :D HAHAHAHA!


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