The weather has just gotten colder!


Day three, four and five in Paradise! :D

I am starting to feel that another 3kg will say Hi to me from the weighing scale when I get back home. ): Anyway, the weather has gotten colder I don’t even know if I should be happy or sad! /:

16th December 2009, Day Three:
The weather was extremely cold that day! We didn’t meet up with any of our friends in HK on that day, so we travelled around all by ourselves! Jon & I was thinking that for all the times we went to travel, we always do it the free & easy way and it’s really fun! Own time own target, go to the places where we want to without much restriction! :D

So we woke up and headed to some cha chan teng near our place for breakfast! I think the 3 of us always order a hell load of food! Alright, tell me what’s new?


Pineapple bun and egg tarts!

Wanton mee, again. /:

The turkey ham was good, but the macaroni tasted blend. We had to add a little soy sauce for it to taste slightly better. /:

Took the MTR to Disneyland thereafter! The MTR towards Disneyland was really cute though! They’ve Mickey Mouse windows, and nicer seats than the usual trains. Disneyland was alright, but not an ideal place if you are looking forward to go to somewhere for more fun and excitement (e.g. thrill rides) at our age. The guys were complaining all the time how boring it is. Go there if only when you’re a parent bring your little toddlers and kids to have some fun and to create some good childhood memories!

But we’d probably go to the one in Tokyo or California though! q:

Oh, one thing we actually enjoyed is actually the Stitch Encounter! It was actually a interactive screen where it was actually a conversation betweeen Stitch and the audience actually talks to us! We thought that this was very well programmed and it was almost flawless on that! The Winnie the Pooh ride was actually quite fun, but I think I am the only one who feels that way! /: I thought it was fun when the Hunny Cart where we sat in actually bounced like Tigger! So cute!

The MTR towards Disneyland!

The entrance tickets, which costs SGD64! Okay the guys regretted paying this amount of money and would rather spend the money to eat instead.


Disneyland’s Main Street

Check out the both of them. Jon posed for this. Act cool only. -.-“

On our first, and very lame, ride – Orbitron!


Autopia’s car! So I am the driver, and Jon’s the passanger.

I don’t know why my face’s like that, but no we weren’t crashing! Impossible to crash since there was a track anyway! q:

Tarzan’s treehouse! There’s actually nothing much there and it was more like a climbing up the stairs to just tour around it. /: The Jungle River cruise was more fun though!



Outside Fantasy Land

Raymond thinks Disneyland in HK really sucks, hence the face. Jon asked you guys to check out his can’t-be-bothered (about Raymond) face.

While queueing for the ride at Winne the Pooh’s. (We can’t remember the name of the ride though!)

I made the 2 guys sat the Cinderella’s carousel with me, just because I wanted to hahaha! It’s a lame ride, but whatever! q:

The moment we decided to leave Disneyland, the three of us literally ran out! It was damn funny! We just kept running till we reached the Disneyland’s MTR station!

Took a train down to Sham Shui Po and that’s when we started eating a hell lot! It was actually more like Jon & Raymond who wants to eat this and that, and then started eating a hell lot of food. ): They gotta realised that we are becoming really broke just on food and paying for the entrance fee at theme parks! I had to change another SGD200, and it was only the 3rd day! ):

Jon tried the zha dai chong (fried pig’s intestine) because Hilary said that it was nice. Raymond and I didn’t dare to give it a try!


This only cost SGD3.00! But looks are deciving, because it only tasted very mediocre.

The two that eats NON-STOP! Literally!

Won zai chi. It’s like fake shark’s fin shop with fishball!

Fish porridge, you char guai, and soy bean milk! It’s more like a breakfast kinda meal actually, but we just ate it anyway.

Coconut milk with Sago (dedicated to Hao Rui) and Dao Fu Fa! The Dao Fu Fa is damn smooth, the texture is very different from the one in Singapore! A generous portion of sago for the other dessert too!

Dry wanton mee, covered with shrimp egg! I thought it tasted weird, but the guys insisted that it was unique! /: The dumplings was nice though!’

Queuing up for roasted chestnuts.

I bought myself a pair of zipper leggings (I know it’s available in Singapore) because it is damn cheap! Only SGD5.00! :O I wanted to buy a thicker jacket because it was really cold but couldn’t find any jackets that were nice or thick enough. It’s always either one of the above. ):

17th December 2009, Day Four:
Took the MTR and met up with Hilary at Tai Po Marketstation! That’s where both Hilary and Stacey resides in Hong Kong! :D We thought that it’d be nice to take a look at how their housing area would be like, and also Hilary said that there are loads of good food there. Imagine how excited the guys would be like!

Siew mai. Very different from the normal ones because the fillings are different and that it is much softer!

The Heavenly Egg Tarts! All of us loved this! Super soft and smooth!


Check out Jon’s face here! What a pity that it is blur! ):


Won zai chi, again, but this one is denser and nicer because it has got my favourite mushrooms and black fungus! :D



Che Zai Min. We gave up eating dim sum to try this, because Hilary said that this is Stacey’s favourite. Jon wants to make her jealous by showing that we ate this while she can’t, hahaha! q:





Egg rolls for snacks!



Tang yuan!


Forgot the name of this dessert, but there are mochis inside! :D

Guava shavings. I don’t know why I ordered this when I don’t like guava. /:


We went to the supermarket because the guys wanted to buy some local potato chips to try! Apparently they bought quite a bit of junkies here! They’ve brought their habit of buying chips from Melbourne to Hong Kong. /:


Jon wanted to eat the heavenly egg tarts again, so we went back there to have more! Initially only Jon wanted some, but when everyone saw that it was fresh from the oven, everyone just bought one for themselves instead! Hahaha, gluttons!

We were shopping around Tai Po and there was this really nice coat that I fell in love with, but it cost quite a bit (SGD74) and it took me a really hard time to decide whether I’d want to get it for myself. We went for desserts and all just to give me enough time to think whether Id want to buy it. That’s the usual problem with me when it comes to buying, I take a hell long to decide if I’d really want to get it. ): But yay, because I am not an impulsive buyer! :D

Also, I bought 6 boxes of masks (each box has 10 masks), 4 of which is My Beauty Diary’s! It is so freaking cheap! It cost me only SGD56, when it cost me SGD1.30/mask! I am so happy I just raided the entire shop when Hilary showed me that shop which sells it, heehee!

We took a long walk after I bought my coat through Tai Poto try out the soy beancurdthat Hilary said was really good! Hilary showed us where Stacey and her studied in for their secondary school days, and both their school were quite near each other.

The street view.

There was actually a queue outside just to buy beancurd! :O


The orange colour thing is actually sugar!

This stall is opposite the beancurd stall, and since Hilary said that it is quite famous, the guys bought some to try!

I liked it! The sauce was good and I kept eating the char siewhee!

We took a train to Sha Tin because we wanted to buy some lo po pang, but apparently Hilary had remembered the wrong shop and it was quite a wasted trip. But the guys went to try to KFC there! Surprisingly it is damn good and I liked it! No fried chicken, and it comes with portugese egg tarts! :O We sat there and chatted for a while, and Hilary made all of us laughed so much my face literally cramped the whole time! :D This girl is so comical!



Took a train to Mongkok thereafter to have dinner. Seems like we have been going there every day since we arrived at Hong Kong! Had dinner and bought some snacks to fill out tummy! We wanted to have hot pot for dinner initally, but it turned out that there was a long queue and that it wasn’t as cheap as we expected. So we just settled down at some Taiwanese cafeteria nearby.

Black pepper bread, with pork filling!




Fermented Tofu! Smelly beancurd that didn’t smell as bad as I remembered, and for this it just tasted like an extra crispy beancurd. Bet it just isn’t one of the better tasting ones. /:


Bought a bowl of herbal jelly from Hoi Ting Tong again! :D I’ve never loved herbal jelly this much before, and yay to good skin! Sad thing is that I’d probably stop this when I get back to Singapore. If only there’s a Hoi Ting Tong in Singapore, I’d probably head down once a week to satisfy my craving for it! Health & skin food! (Y)

When we were back in the hostel, we opened up a few packets of chips to binge on. ): No one understands how I feel when the two guys keep wanting to eat non-stop! ):

18th December 2009, Day Five:
The three of us only woke up at 12.30pm! :O Slept in all the way, and then we only got out of our hostel at around 2pm. So we had our entire morning wasted on sleeping in! /:

Had lunch at some cafeteria near our place, then Hilary called and came down to join us! :D I’m really thankful to have her bringing us around Hong Kong, and her humour and drama self can be quite a good form of entertainment too! q: Thank you Hilary for taking time out to be our guide! :D


Purple sweet potato! It tastes very sweet and it keeps you warm in the cold! :D




Took a ferry to Wan Cai to get to Hong Kong Island.


When we reached Wan Cai, we took the MTR and went to Causeway Bay to do some shopping. Visited Hilary’s sister at work, and I bought a pair of earrings from there! So pretty I love it! Anyway, her sister’s work place sells quite a lot of things that has swarovski-crystals covered, and I saw one that is damn pretty! Hilary says that I can actually asked her sister to customize one for me, and I am considering it! But if I really want it, Hilary probably has to mail it to me. But it’s so pretty!

On a side note, her sister said that I looked a little like Stacey. Soulmate, it’s not the first time that people tell me we look a like! (:

Wore the coat that I bought the day before! It really does keep me warm from the cold, and it’s pretty! Love it so much! But apparently one of the button dropped out, so Jon asked me not to wear it tomorrow just inc ase more drops. ):

Fried chicken chop from Saint’s Alp Tea house.

At Causeway Bay.

Hilary left after that to have dinner with her family, and we took a bus and headed off to The Peak to catch the beautiful city lights of Hong Kong! (: I fell asleep on the bus ride, and the weather was really much colder up in the mountains! Love it when I can create mist as I talk, haha! But I hate it when my hands feel totally numb. ):

We had to pay HKD20 to enter the sky terrance, and it was much colder in there. The wind was strong, and my hands were practically frozen just within 5 minutes or so! With that, we left in less than 30 minutes, and then had Burger King because we were quite hungry. /:

The panoramic view of Hong Kong City from The Peak.




Took the MTR to Sha Tin to have dinner on a floating restaurant! The food there was okay, but we only ordered 2 dishes because we didn’t know what else to order. ):




Half a chicken! The taste was good, albeit a little salty!

Claypot vegetables, a super healthy dish!

We wanted to have herbal jelly at Hoi Ting Tong again because Raymond’s starting to fall sick a little, probably due to the cold weather and excessive eating, but it was already closed. ): Must have herbal jelly tomorrow!

One more day in Hong Kong, then our last day of the entire trip will be spent in Macau. Jon & I are almost drained down to zilch already! We spent around 2k on this trip, including air tickets and accommodation. I’ve already changed all the SGD I have on hand, and I didn’t even bring my debit card. ): Now I can buy any more things I supposed. ):

I hope that the last few days will be great! Then it’ll be back to doing my FYP, and those christmas and farewell parties, and gatherings too. This is crazy, I am too busy to have time for myself! ):

I should hit the sack now, because I am already having some dry cough! ): Though I am having my fair share of fun over here, I am missing home and friends. ): Goodnight world, see you guys soon! (:

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  1. i hate this entry, it has too much food. and i miss the kfc in hk! used to love the rice, and their egg tarts! my tummy is grumbling like mad now thanks to your food entry :( how come disneyland not fun? so disappointing! i wanted to try it next time actually.

    • Estella, I bet it just made you hungry, that’s why you hate it! q: The KFC is so different over here in HK! I had a few mouthful of their rice, and I quite like the gravy! Disneyland has no thrill rides or anything! ): All the rides there are very safe rides that just makes kids happy by going high up in the air or something! Save the money to shop, or go to the Disneyland in USA or Tokyo instead!


  2. (kellyn jiejie and jonathan korkor) you guys have a lot of fun i miss you guys. when are you coming back? pls go online most of the time so i can try to chat with you.

    • Jolene, Hello Jolene, MTR is the MRT in Hong Kong. I miss you too Jolene. (: We are coming back on Monday afternoon. (:


  3. KELLYN!
    the last restaurant you went to, i went there before for dim sum

    • Audrey, The food there’s not bad, I didn’t try the dimsum there though! ):


  4. the whole trip is about FOOD! hahahahaha [: glad that you enjoyed yourself! cant wait for you to be back! meet me okay? [:

  5. space mountain at disneyland was scary what, to me. HAHAHA. why you didnt play? and the shooting game!!! so fun. hahaha. the 3D theatre you also didnt go?? damn cute!

    • Stacey, Hahaha, that’s the reason why Jon & Raymond went to HK for! I gained so much weight from all the eating. ): We didn’t try the Space Mountain! ): We went to the Stitch theatre only! ):

      Oh yes, we must meet up! But then… you are so busy! ): When will you be free sweetheart?


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