Greetings from Hong Kong! :D

Day one and two in Hong Kong! (:

I’m currently in the land of paradise with loads of food and shopping! Teehee! :D

14th December 2009, Day one:
Jon & I woke up at 3.30am and drove out to the Prata Place near my house for breakfast. I had my usual banana cheese prata while he had a plain prata on top of a plate of maggie goreng. What a glutton! Gotta admit that it was delicious though! (:




Drove back to my place and picked my Dad and brother up. My Dad asked Jon to take over the wheels and off we went to ChangiAirport’s Budget Terminal! (: Since the both of us checked in late, we were separated by about 20 rows and that made the 3.5 hour long journey a little difficult to get by. /: Doesn’t make it better when the two aunties that were sitting beside me were making quite a din and were quite fidgety too. /:




My companions during the flight.




It was quite hazy when we arrived at Macau International Airport, andthe weather wasn’t cold but just chilly. The both of us took a 15 minute walk to the ferry terminal which was located beside the airport. Bought our tickets and we set sail on a ferry ride to Hong Kong which was an hour long.

The first message we received (because of auto roaming) when we arrived at Macau. Check out how long the number is! :O


The ferry tickets! How come it looks nicer than the boarding pass we got from Tiger Airways? /:

The Departure Hall of the ferry terminal.

We slept on the ferry, and Jon was very excited when we saw the buildings in HK city! It’s his first time here, and he was looking forward to touring aroundHK. :D David, Jon’s friend, andhis girlfriend came to pick us up at HK’s ferry terminal! Had lunch at Macau Restaurant before heading down to our hostel.



So we were supposed to fill up this health declaration form, and I asked Jon to help me fill up. And this was it. He’s so… gay. /:

My share – Fried noodle with mixed vegetable in olive oil

Jon’s share – Wanton noodle

Got this free vitasoy from the restaurant when we paid for our meal!

Took a train (MTR) to our hostel, and it was really… small and budget. No complains, but the toilet is so freaking small I can touch the four walls just by putting my hands out straight. /: After putting down our stuff in our room, we went to walk around the vicinity of our hostel in Kowloon! :D Visited places like Avenue of stars, Harbour City, Miramar Shopping Center, and Mongkok!

Buying a train ticket! Their train system works very much like the Singapore’s MRT, but I am not too sure about network though!



Our budget room!

This is exactly the size of the toilet. Not kidding!

Went to walk around our hostel’s vicinity, Tsim Sha Tsui, and then we went off to Mongkok! Had loads of good food and I was so happy! :D



This is a bank. When Jon saw this, he told me about it and we had a good laugh! CCB bank, HAHAHA!


At the Avenue of Stars


Jon with his Melb Uni friend, David.

With David’s Girlfriend. (:


Herbal Jelly from Hoi Tin Tong! :D This bowl of skin food cost about SGD10, but it’s dense and yummy! Very different from the ones in Singapore which are bitter! I’m going to eat more of this before I get back! :D



We had Mango desserts (as recommended by my colleague) at Hui Lau Shan! :D

My dessert: Mango pudding with pomelo. Can’t remember the exact name though. Damn yummy! :D

Jon’s ultimate dessert: Mango sago in mango juice, with extra mango! That’s the name of the dessert, no joke!

Their standard ticket!

Octopus card! It’s the regular transport card, which works exactly like our ezlink card.



Streetside food! (Y) To be honest, hygiene has never bothered Jon & I when we go for food hunt overseas. That’s the point of a holiday anyway, isn’t it?! :D

Curry Fishball!


Can you see the roasted pigeons on the far left?

Errr… the 4 level high Bossini. This shop will flip if it’s in Singapore!

Dinner at some random cafeteria in Mong Kok
Generous servings of pearls! Almost half the cup was filled with pearls (but not to be seen in the picture).

My share! Okay the deal is the dish looks really plain and unappetizing, but the moment I had a mouth of it, I just can’t help but to want more! The soup tastes damn good, and the meat balls can literally bounce in your mouth when you try to bite it!

Jon’s share. Fried chicken in tomato sauce with rice


Shopping was fruitful, and I am damn happy withmy shopping loots for the day! :D Bought my knee-length boots, Kose’s whitening mask, a pair of earring, and a pair of flats from H&M! I swear I was in heaven! Food & Shopping’s the biggest passion of my life! (Y)

We headed back to our hostel after dinner to wait for Raymond to arrive since he came from Malaysia. Jon slept the entire time while waiting while I rot. /: Raymond only arrived at around 10pm odd, and then we went out again to have more food! q:

The view of the streets from our room.

Roasted goose & char siew rice.

We brought Raymond to Hui Lau Shan, and he got himself a Monday’s special. They’re small portions of the different mango desserts. (:

The damn big cup of bubble tea which is damn nice, for only SGD2! :D

Streetside foodstall


The night view of HongKong Island from Avenue of Stars.

15th December 2009, Day Two:
Met up with Hilary, Stacey’s best friend,at Hung Hom station and we went to have Dim Sum forbreakfast! Some of the dishes served was very special! One of which has got radish for its fillings and it tasted really nice! My initalworry of not being able to communicate well withHilary because of the different English accent was not much of a problem! The last time Hilary went to Singapore saw Jon & I not being able to understand her, and vice versa! It was so much easier than I thought. Furthermore, Raymond can speak Cantonese fluently too.








Took a bus and headed down to Ocean Park thereafter! We spent the entire afternoon there, and my legs nearly broke. Not only was it because of the fact that I was vain and wore my boots (heels)out, but the rides were all over the mountain that that saw us doing quite a bit of climbing up and down!

Anyway, I’m proud to say that I’ve finally took on a roller coaster ride and a turbo drop! Was feeling a little adventurous albeit feeling scared! :D Took the roller coaster for the first time, and I also took the turbo drop! The roller coaster didn’t turn out as scary as I thought it’d be, so was the turbo drop. But the turbo drop was relatively scarier though the duration was very much shorter. When I was reaching the top of the turbo drop looking at Hong Kong from the mountain top, I was like “Oh shit what am I doing here!” and down I went! I was flying gosh! Then Jon shouted “Welcome to Hong Kong!” -.-” Crazy boy.






Queueing up for our first adrenaline-rush ride at the Raging River! :D


This is where I sat on a roller coaster for the very first time! Apparently it wasn’t as scary as I expected it to be, especially at the 360 degrees turning point! But apparently, I think this roller coaster ride isn’t the best kind since hardly anyone screamed as loud as one would do if they feel scared/thrilled.

Because the guys didn’t want to take the ride on a Pirate Ship, Hilary and I went to take it on our own! :D



Raymond bought this picture! This was taken at the 2nd ride we took at the Raging River. Seriously I don’t know what I looked that freaked out! It wasn’t even asscary as how I appeared to be./: And check out Raymond! He literally posed for the picture HAHAHA!



Raymond’s scared of heights so he held on to the pole most of the time throughout the cable car ride. But the irony is that he’s the one that’s more brave than me when it comes to taking rides. /:


Took a bus to Mong Kok, and I fell asleep in the bus ride.I was so tired! ): Window shopping and dinner at Mongkok! (: I quite like this place, with all the cheap shopping available! (:

Check out all the boots here! Omg this is paradise! If only I would have the opportunity to wear it often, I’d bought more than a pair of myself I swear!

Milk tea with pudding instead of the usual pearls or jelly!

Jon was very fascinated by this packet of noodle that people were eating while they stood at the side of a stall. This small packet cost only SGD0.50! But Hilary said that it isn’t very healthy because there were a lot of sauce added to it.


Hilary’s boyfriend came to join us for dinner! The both of them brought us to this streetside food stall that sells Yu Dan Hor, also known as fishball noodles to us. We were sitting beside the toilet, by the way! It was quite funny because Hilary commented that Jon keeps very very quiet when he’s eating! Earlier when we were doing some window shopping, the guys were appeared to be quite bored but the moment they saw a store selling food their eyes lighted up literally!

Anyway, dinner was on Hilary and her boyfriend. It was their treat! Thanks Hilary & Hilson! :D



This is the stall. The rest of the tables and chairs were distributed along the alley so that people can just sit down and enjoy their food.

We walked from Mong Kok to Temple Street because the two guys wanted to go for more food hunt. On the way there, we stopped by at this shop that sold traditional chineseherbal drinks so Raymond& Jon both bought a bowl each. Settled down for supper, and we (or rather, the guys) had claypot rice!





Salted fish claypot rice

Chinese sausage with pork ribs claypot rice


My legs are really aching right now. So vainity has decided to sacrifice comfort, and it will be the other way round tomorrow. I could walk without holding on to Jon, and he even had to piggy back me when we were up in Ocean Park!

We’ll be visiting Disneyland tomorrow, and hope that it’ll be fun! :D Should go crash right now! Hope you guys are having fun back home! (:

8 thoughts on “Greetings from Hong Kong! :D

  1. Kellyn =)
    my legs are broken seriously!hahha
    i feel so damn tired now still =(
    but i did enjoy the time spent with you guys!!! =P

    tell you one thing..
    i got lost in the MTR station ytd after we said ”goodbye” … =(
    and i turned out to go to Exit D as well…

    enjoy your day =)

    • Hilary, Mine too! Wearing the boot heels only made it worse! ): My entire leg ached the moment I woke up, and it felt like I went for some intensive gymming session or something! /: And hahaha, you’re damn funny! Stacey’s right, you’re blur at directions!

      See you tomorrow! :D


  2. Kellyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the foood and BUBBLE TEA looooooooooooooooooooooooook sooooooooooooooooooooo damn yummmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy! i want :(

  3. Kellyn, you seriously make me wanna go to HK right now! OMG, you look damn awesome in that boots with red scarf/shawl!! Hahahaha, wear more boots, you look nice in it! And the food’s literally making me drool now. Eat more eat more!:D

    • Emily, You should! Maybe we should plan to go there together when we save some money, okay?! :D And hahaha, thanks babe for your compliments! :D I wish I can wear it more too, since I’d probably look weird wearing it in Singapore. ): But my legs are currently aching right now so I can probably only wear it a few days later. /:

      I am eating a lot already! Getting damn fat! ):


  4. you look so awesome in the jacket and boots! heheh makes me wanna buy all the winter clothing and fly off to a cold country now! miss you babe! come back soon so we can meet up! how come u can blog from hk? im so amazed!

    • Estella, Thanks babe! I think dressing up for winter is so fun! :D If only Singapore was a country with four seasons, how wonderful it’d be! :D

      Awww, I’ll be back home on Monday afternoon, or the evening if the flight’s delayed! And I can blog because Jon’s friend bought his mini laptop! :D


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