Feed my cravings!


Because after all the changes we’ve been through, we are the only constant. <3

Met up with Jon at IKEA today because I wanted to satisfy my craving for IKEA’s poached salmon, meatballs & chicken wings. Apparently they changed their menu and there’s no more poached salmon! ): And it seems like nothing much from the new menu catches my eye. /: Settled for Meatballs with Pasta, chicken wings & their soup of the day! Meatballs with pasta was a regret, because I didn’t like the sauce used, and it was quite a dread trying to finish it. Should have just ordered the meatball set instead because the sauce is much nicer too!

Damn yummy! I want more just by looking at the picture! *Tummy growls!*

Tomato soup! :D Gotta learn how to make tomato soup in this form!

The colour of the pasta sauce already tells a lot even before I put them into my mouth. ):


Walked around IKEA thereafter to find the full length mirror that I wanted to buy. But Jon stopped me from buying because he thinks that it’d be quite a hassle for us to carry the mirror to his place first, then back to mine. ): So I guess we gotta head back down on another day.

Anchorpoint thereafter and walked around for a little while before settling at TCC. I’ve always wanted to treat this boy to my favourite drink – Nougat Milkshake! :D While waiting for the drink to be served, we took loads of pictures just to kill time. Teehee, I love camwhoring with my boyfriend! :D


Okay evidence of bullying me!




One of my favourite drinks! (Y)

My boyfriend takes nicely blurred pictures. Apparently almost all the pictures he takes are blur. ):

His parents picked us up after that, and then we drove over to Julius’ void deck because Amanda’s lending me her leather jacket that will probably keep me warm enough in the cold. Her jacket’s beautiful, and I like it a lot! :D Thanks babe for offering me your jacket! :D

Both of us crashed the bed the moment we got to his place, and then it was dinner! Rest of the time was just spent lazing around his house, helping the guy pack his luggage and checking the net on HK. His parents sent the both of us to my place, and there’s where I worked my usual beauty regime on my favourite boy! :D I didn’t apply the mud pack for myself because I did it earlier in the week, so I just slapped on my usual face mask! :D

Mud Pack! :D One of the reasons why I want to apply the mud pack for him was to take my revenge! He made me laugh over the phone (before he came back from Melb) when I was applying this mask. Obviously it cracked. /: But of course the main reason is to just take good care of my boyfriend. (:

Alright, the boy’s already on the bed and I’m left with only 1.5 hours to sleep before I gotta wake up. It could have been 2.5 hours, but I want to doll myself up first hence the sacrifice for sleep! Looking forward to the endless shopping loots & good food I’m going to be welcomed by excites me by a lot. Not forgetting about dressing up for the cold weather, something I may never get to do so in Singapore! :D First thing off my shopping list shall be: knee-length boots & a bag! Oh, and I am also meeting up with Stacey’s best friend, Hilary, whom came by to Singapore last year! (:

The 3rd country we’d be visiting together. This is just too exciting! I love travelling yay! :D

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