Meet Me Halfway


Meet me halfway, right at the boarderline
That’s where i’m gonna wait, for you
I’ll be lookin out, night n’day
Took my heart to the limit, and this is where i’ll stay
I can’t go any further then this
I want you so bad it’s my only wish

I’m too lazy to blog in detail about what I’ve been doing for the past few days. Haven’tbeen taking much pictures,so in summary here’s just a few things:

  • MST’s over (can never be happier about this!)
  • Had my fringe and hair trimmed.
  • Dinner with Jon & Amanda at Subway.
  • Had bak kut teh for supper with Jon, Amanda, Johnathan Lim & Vincent
  • Went to Chinatown to change for HK buckeroos!
  • First meetup with Jon’s Uni Melb friends for dinner at Newton Market. They’re a group of nice people! Rather easy to get along. (:

Today – Spent the entire morning and early afternoon at home, and I spent the entire morning packing my luggage. I’m not done with packing though, because I get distracted with doing something on the net every 5 minute or so. The bad habit of mine. /: I hope I don’t miss out anything if not I’d suffer during the trip.

Headed over to Jon’s place later in the afternoon. Xing Ying came over, and she drove the both of us to Jurong Point where we bought our hair dye from Watsons. Headed back to Jon’s place, and then Xing Ying helped me to dye my hair. Anyway, I bought the Liese hair dye that has been greatly advertised on TV, but it seriously isn’t easy to use! The foam was quite hard to produce initially, and the smell is very terrible (like the normal hair dyes) and I dropped quite a bit of hair! ): Thank God I had a helper who was actually quite pro with directing me on what to do so I’d probably get the colour even out all around my hair.

Xing Ying’s Mocha Ornage & Mine’s something berry on the right!

So Hello to Brunette hair! :D I really like the outcome of my hair colour though! (: Xing Ying, please take a picture when you’ve dyed your hair okay! Hope the colour turns out good for you too! (:

Xing Ying drove us (The Chau brothers, Jolene, their maid& I) to her place thereafter! BBQ for dinner! (: I had a really filling dinner at her place, and Jon just ate non-stop I swear. He needs to learn how to discipline himself on food intake rather than to binge non-stop!




This doesn’t do justice to the exact hair colour I am having right now. And check out Jon’s sleepy watery eyes!

image200912120001My new hair colour and my too long-to-be-bangs fringe. Maybe the contrast is a little bad since I used Jon’s webcam. ):

4 thoughts on “Meet Me Halfway

  1. your complexion is so good, im so jealous :( & i get how you feel about your fringe! my bangs’re at that length too – too long to be bangs but too short to be side swept :( so annoying!

    • Jeanette, Thanks for the compliment babe! But the pictures kinda hide away the flaws I’ve on pictures, really. I need a lot more facial and masks to help me attain good complexion. Still quite far from it I think! ):

      And yea, my fringe is neither here nor there, but that’s what I asked the hairdresser to do hahaha omg. q:


  2. its cassis berry, my friend! hahaha take care in hk okay? know you’ll have a blast with your beloved. tell jon to bring you to the nice food places whoohoo! glad you like the colour change! :D idk why but it was easy for me. maybe cause my mom helped me with it! heheh. see you when u get back babe! <3 have a safe and awesome trip! :D

    • Estella, Hahaha, I forgotten but I think it’s exactly the one you mentioned! :D And thank you babe! I know I will have loads of fun! Teehee, we’ll go on a food and shopping spree I swear! :D I am glad your experience with the hair dye was easier than me. Or maybe my hair was just being rebelious. ):

      Meet you soon when I get back! :D


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