Christmas Wishlist 2009!

It’s December, and it’s a season of giving! :D
Are you feeling generous? q:

1. The Face Shop’s Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch
To complete my beauty regime collection, I really need this in a pack of 5! My dark eye rings has decided to be a permanent resident soon. ):
TFS Collagen Eye Patch

2. Balenciaga Giant City Motorcycle bag
Alright people, I do know my own financial status but I swear that this bag is more than a gem! I know it’s something I am not able to afford right now, but this will be the first branded bag I’m going to buy after I get my job! Way too beautiful! Anyway, I checked out the Balenciaga site and couldn’t find it in this colour and the closest I found is in Pebble! Alessandra Ambrioso has it in this shade!

Okay, but I really need a bag. Mine just broke a few days back. ):

3. �A nice and proper leather cover and handphone strap for my E71 baby.

4. Clothes!
Dresses, pretty tops, skirts, shorts, jeans, blazers, jackets, anything! I need to add clothes into my really pathetic wardrobe. Hate having to think hard what to wear for the day, and it’s definitely not because I’m spoilt for choice. /:

5. Kate Spade Wallet
Okay, my dear Emily made me want to get a Kate Spade wallet! My current wallet’s wearing off at the sides already, though it’s still functional!

6. Victoria Secret’s leopard print bandeau bikini
So hot and sexaye! Check out Alessandra’s hot bod!

Okay this is not good because I am actually thinking of things to fill this list up! -.-” To be honest, I ain’t even expecting any gifts for Christmas since the people around me don’t have the tradition of doing so and neither do I! Just doing this all in the name of fun, heh heh.

I have yet to even pack my luggage though I’m flying off in the wee hours of Monday morning! Will blog about recent events (though there are no pictures taken lately) tomorrow or Sunday before I fly off! And hopefully, I’ll get the chance to blog when I’m in HK & Macau? Hee! (:

Holidays are officially here, YAY! :D

2 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist 2009!

  1. Hey, let me know if you are really keen to get anything from VS, I’ve got a card voucher that’s valid till 31dec. They didn’t say how much amount is inside, but apparently there’s a code no. and when you make ur purchase, they’ll tell u how much discount u get. $5, $20, $200 I think.

    • Shufeng, Hey Shufeng! :D You’re not going to get anything from VS since you’ve the voucher? Did you buy the card voucher? I really wish to get that bikini but it’s kinda costly! I think it’s about USD70+, so it’ll probably come up to SGD100+! Super ex I can cry.


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