The weekend needs to arrive now!


At Jon’s place now, and I’m feeling so tired from reading the journals I feel like giving up. Just look at how terrible I look! ): 6 journals for1 MCQ test, 5% weightage. If only I could just do what I feel like doing (which is just to give up and go have fun), holidays would have already started for me! At least the previous test which requires me to read 13 journals has a weightage of 20%. (By the way, I only read like… 4 or 5 journals for that test.)

Tomorrow’s 5pm need to come fast. Needs to come now. I want to go have fun, and then hello to Hong Kong & Macau. Need to run away from this crazy school life. ):

(P.S: I just set this picture as Jon’s desktop wallpaper. I think he’s going to kill and bashme up!)

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