Best Boyfriend Forever

How often do I get to whisper into your ear, giving you a tight hug while you’re sound asleep on the 7th the month? It always feels good having you beside me on a special day with your beyond-special company. (:

Today was a simple affair, with just a celebratory dinner in-lieu to our monthsary. A really awesome Japanese Restaurant at a secluded corner of Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. It serves damn awesome maki and just two sets of it left the both of us feeling stuffed! We wanted to order another maki that uses mango as a wrap, but we were too damn full! I was glad to ask Jon not to order 3 makis at a go, if not it’d be quite a waste of money. There’s always a next time! (: Gotta admit that it isn’t cheap though. A plate of maki cost us about $15, but there was a 10% for all ala carte items! (:��The both of us left feeling really satisfied.



Enoki Teppan! Absolutely love mushrooms! This is probably one of the best golden mushroom dish I’ve ever tried! Jon agrees too. Way too delectable! It’s a must try dish! Oh, and since it comes in a hot plate, the fish flakes on the dishes were moving and it mimics the action of worms pretty much. Ewwww, so scary looking. But whatever, it tastes damn good!

Spider Maki! Seasme overload with soft shell crab filling!

Dragon Maki. Unagi & Avocado, with fresh prawn for its filling!



Ishikawa Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, B2-14
Singapore 588179
Tel: 64660281

It’s already the 44th month together. Both of us are, still, very madly and deeply in love with each other. So much so that sometimes it just feels like we are still in our honeymoon period. Every now and then, Jon would look at me and then say “I can’t believe I’m dating my primary school friend. Should have just dated you all the way back then.” We’d still share loads of laughter together, turning our beds into a wrestling ring, poke fun and bully each other.

All in the name of Love.

Perhaps we don’t do things like saying “I love you” and “I miss you” to each other every single time, but our relationship is far beyond this. Our imperfections together make this relationship perfect. We fight, we cry, and we strive together, for that one future that we want to work towards to. Jon & I have been planning quite a bit for our future, and the responsibilities – financially to be exact – are slowly giving us the burden and strain. ):

Christmas is one of my favourite festive seasons of the year, and having a fancy dinner seems like one of the best way to celebrate it together with Jon. Now we’ve changed our plans. We’re going to do groceries shopping and whip up a scrumptious�meal at home instead, and we won’t be getting any gifts for each other. All because we want to save for our future. Furthermore, we already have made a booking at Prive for our New Year’s Eve dinner, which I think will cost quite a bit too.

I guess afterall I’d enjoy any special days as long as I’ve Jon beside me. We’d have our own ways of making these days special for each other without spending much. Welcome to the world of adulthood. Welcome to the world of pulling-your-hair-because-of-money. Cheers to our future, Baby! It’s going to be tough, but like I said, as long as I’ve you by my side even the impossible seems a lot easier to handle.

I love you sweetheart. But I’m sorry, because this is definitely an understatement.


7 thoughts on “BBFF

  1. Such a sweet entry babe. I love you very much. And yeah, are you advertising the restaurant. Not a good idea, because if more people are there, they might hike up the already expensive menu. Haha. Happy 44th Month :)

    • Jon, Hahaha, don’t be crazy! It deserves more advertising! How can such good food be gone to waste by being hidden in such a secluded area?!

      And thanks baby, I love you too. (: Happy 44th! <3


  2. i know im so extra, and intruding into your private convo here, but u guys are too sweet! I AM HAPPY JUST READING THIS ENTRY, HEHEHHE. meet me this year babe! or i will elope with taylor lautner! :(

    • Estella, Silly, you are not extra! Hahaha, but thanks a lot babe! :D I know you made this statement & secretly wished that I’d answer saying I’m busy right! Deep inside, I bet your priority is to elope with Taylor Lautner! HAHAHAHA! Did I just exposed you? q:


  3. hahaha! YAH I WAS HOPING FOR THAT. why did u expose me? :( oh yes and you’re welcome jon! so funny lol. i might as well tell you my dream here.

    i dreamt that u and jon got married (AT THE AGE OF 20)! HAHAHAH. the thing is, anthony and i were cohabiting 0.0 and we happen to be your next door neighbours. so when we heard the news, we bought a wedding gift for you two BUT we didn’t get any wedding invite in the end. so we were pretty annoyed, and felt sore about it as we spied on your wedding (it was held in the condo’s void deck, like MALAY WEDDING hahahaha!) then you guys were dancing, while we sulked in our own apartment. after the wedding was over, we continued spying on you guys to see what will happen next. HAHAHAH, it was a very long dream. but i thought it was quite hilarious when i remembered it.

    • Estella, Call me a smartie please hahaha! q:

      Babe, your dream is so funny seriously! AND WHAT MALAY WEDDING! I bet that’s your dream wedding dinner style that’s why you dreamt of it this way right! q: And it sounds damn fun to be next door neighbours! Hahaha! Seriously, your dream cracks me up! q: And I guess I got a hint, you want a wedding invite if not you’ll spy on my wedding hahaha. DAMN CUTE LA YOU!

      And I conclude you miss me too much, hence dreaming of me, teehee! :D


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