Get me out of this ):

This is so bleak. I’m nothing near ready for my mid semestral tests (MST) and this is just crazy. I have 13 journals to read for contact lens test on Tuesday, and I am only done with 3 or 4! I’m so dead seriously. /: Not forgetting about the business paper I have on Monday, I have yet to touch it. I seriously can’t wait for next week to be over. Gotta get ready and buy a lot at the graveyard so I can just hop in after friday. /:

Looking forward to the end of next week so much, I even came up with a list of the things to be done! (:


Okay, I should just go wash up now, and then start reading my journals & business notes already. If not I’dreally need to go get a lot for myself. /:

6 thoughts on “Get me out of this ):

  1. berry & ice cream parfait from karen cheng’s blog? Heheheh I WANNA EAT. make my share! hang in there babe! the worst will be over in no time :)

    • Estella, Yesyes! Inspired from reading her blog heh! We are here avid readers yo! (Y) I will let you know how it turns out after I tried making it for Jon okay?! :D

      And thanks babe, I really dread the coming of the following week. ):


  2. yes yes! it looks so yummy and healthy though i will be too lazy to make homemade icecream and yogurt urgh. HAHAHHA. love her blog! so family oriented and full of food <3

    • Estella, Hahaha, skip the homemade ice-cream part for me! I think I will just go to the supermarket and buy some vanilla ice-cream! HAHAHA, lazy me! ): I love her blog too, for the same reasons as you! :D


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