A smile that you bring, always, all ways.


I think this is a funny picture because neither of us planned to have our eyes closed! :D There’s a million times where we did and said the exact same thing without planning to. In sync! :D

Tuesday – Jon picked me up after clinic, and we drove down to Burger Shack because I wanted him to try it! :D Felt so happy because I’ve been wanting to eat it since last week! I tried BBQ Chicken burger, while Jon got himself an Original Beef burger. I’ve been trying out different burgers every time I go there, and it’s good! Gonna try Mushroom swisse the next time! (: Jon liked their bun, beef patty and I guess the fries too. The only problem was that the fries was probably not hot enough. ):



BBQ Chicken with sauteed mushrooms for add-on! Yum yum, I love mushrooms! :D


I thought that the sky was beautiful when we were on the road. It’s nice learning to appreciate the little things we often overlook in life, because it slows down the pace of life and makes me feel a little more relax. You should try it! (:

We went back to his place, sent his Mom to dance classes, headed to Queensway to help his Mom set up the desktop, and then he sent me back home. And as usual, the first thing he’d do was to search for his favourite green bear which I always abuse. Apparently, it wasn’t any where to be found on the bed. Then the both of us stared at each other, and looked out at the window! q: So the day before, I was telling Jon about how I’d put the green bear outside my window to let him have a good city view, and then I left it there for the whole of the next day! :O

It was just too funny! Hahaha, the both of us just burst into laughter, but Jon probably hates me for that. Thank God that the bear was still there, if not he’d probably just ignore me for the rest of his life. ): He loves the bear too much because it’s his childhood soft toy! /:


Wednesday – Met up with Jon at Clementi for our facial appointment, and it was good! :D Feels damn good to have all the dirty rubbish removed from my face albeit having ugly red spots at the end of it. It’s the first time that both of us go for a facial appointment together, and it was a pleasant experience. I’m probably gonna have my facial there in the future since it’s cheaper than where I previously visit, and I experience slightly lesser pain. What to do? I’ve oily skin and there’s always a lot of oil clog on my face. ):


We were served with ginger tea with cookies at the end of our facial session! Though I don’t like ginger tea (because of the weird smell & taste), for some reason, I finished everything.

Since I was going for facial, obviously I didn’t put on any make up for the day. So you gotta pardon and bear with my naked and bare face in the pictures!

Headed down to Jurong Point thereafter, and we decorated a cake from The Icing Room for Jon’s Mom since it was her birthday. (: Oh well, I did most of the decoration anyway! Jon only wrote the word Mummy, while I wrote Happy Birthday and drew a face! Not the prettiest looking cake around, but the both of us had our fair share of fun trying to decorate a cake for the very first time! (:


Dinner in-lieu to Aunty’s birthday wasn’t a fanciful affair. Went to a coffee shop nearby to take away zichar and bought two bucket of black pepper chicken from KFC. Oh, something really embarrassing: I was doing my mid air kungfu and wanted to kick Jon on his butt, and his Dad caught me red handed! Oh my gosh, there goes my reputation! ): Had fruits, and then it was cake cutting!

Aunty was very surprised to see the cake instead of the usual fruity cakes from the bakery shops! Uncle said that the girl on the cake looks like 18 instead, hahaha. They’re a pair of very sweet couple. (: Anyway, the cake was surprisingly better tasting than I thought! I was expecting that the taste would be too creamy or just average since it’s more of an experience of decorating the cake, but I was wrong. Jon’s Dad liked it quite a lot I think he had 3 slices of the cake. Not forgetting that they’ve got fruits inside the vanilla cake! :D


I know this family picture isn’t really flattering, but hahaha this is the only picture taken with everyone in!

Just look at how happy Aunty is! (:
(and how happy Jon is too. He’s probably eyeing on the cake already!)

Oh! And Jerwinhad his braces on today! He looks quite cute in it actually. I am seriously desperately curious how Jon looks like with his braces when he was in secondary one or two. Bet it’d be so cute (& funny to laugh at)! Sigh, a pity that he doesn’t have any pictures or anything showing his braces for me to see. ):

I’m lacking of sleep, but I’ve been feeling really happy.

There was a night when Jon and I just laid down on bed till 3am talking to each other, and I was confessing about certain things to him with the fear of upsetting him. But apparently he took it all with an open heart, and it feels really good to be completely honest with him. (: Just yesterday, his Mom asked him if we are serious about our relationship, and asked when we are intending to settle down. That shocked Jon, and so did I when he was telling me about it.

We’ve been making a lot of plans for the past few days, and we are looking at doing things for the next 10 years. Long term benefits. (:

Despite all the busy things I’m going through in school right now, having him beside me literally make things feel much easier and lighter for me. Days are easier to get by, and every moment just hold meanings even if it were to mean having the both of us lying on the bed wasting the day away.

I can’t wait for the week after next to arrive. I still have got so many journals to read, all to be completed by next week.

  • Communication & skills for work written test
  • Boey’s Business presentation
  • Sarah’s Business presentation
  • FYP: Intro & Methods submission to Mrs Tan
  • Business module test
  • Contact lens module test
  • Clinical module test

Oh gosh, bless me! Then I’d be packing my luggage and head off to cooling HK for a getaway yay! :D

7 thoughts on “A smile that you bring, always, all ways.

  1. is the cake delicious? cause i always have been eyeing for the cakes from that cake shop and wanna try to decorate by myself but i am afraid it is just like other normal cakes, hahahaha.

    • Stacey, Hahaha, I thought I mentioned it! q: I was also expecting that it turned out just like any other normal cake, because people probably just pay for the experience! But the cake taste slightly better than expected! It has some fruit cubes inside the cake! :D


  2. I spy onions in the burger! ewww. HAHAHA. Gonna head down and try it someday cos it looks delicious! I think the bear part is really funny, hahaha! And good luck for all your tests coming up (:

    • Emily, Onions are good Emily! Should go and eat them! I used to hate onions, but it actually doesn’t taste that bad! Especially when you’re eating in in a sandwich/burger or in soup, the taste gets covered up pretty well! Go down to Burger Shack one day! :D

      Hahaha, yea it was super funny. Didn’t even realised that I left it hanging outside for the entire day. q: And thanks for your wishes Emily! (:


  3. heyhey, i saw yr feedback left on shopagirl.lj, was wondering if you bought an instax camera from her earlier on? if possible pls drop me an email i wld like to ask you something..thanks so much! really appreciate it (:

  4. OMG KELLYN. i can finally read this blog post! the cake is so pretty! i will never be able to do something like that myself. :O and my handwriting really sucks. see, you’re so artsy lehh. hahah. i wanna go burger shack one day, and feast on the mushroom swiss! yum yum. i hope you see this comment though its kinda late.

    • Estella, Hahaha, thanks babe! The cake is not pretty actually, or so I feel! ): I wish I was really artsy, but I know I’m not. Have seen more artsy people around me! ): And yay to mushroom lovers like us! Burger shack rocks my socks! :D Go there with Ant one day! :D


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