It’s like Falling in Love, all over again. (:


Went to Jon’s place after school yesterday, and he was preparing lunch together with his youngest brotherand the girlfriend. White wine spaghetti with loads of ingredients! Since the kitchen was over crowded, I didn’t help out so I just wait for the food to be served! q: The food turned out not too bad at all. (:

Gotta admit that I’m a little embarrassed because I think Jon can cook better than me. ):


Teaching Jerwin, his youngest brother, and his girlfriend how to cook.



Hahaha, Jon’s so cute here.


Lazed around the house, took a nap while the boy was playing DOTA, and then we headed down to town together. We went to get a replacement for Jon’s ring since he lost his the last time he came back, and I’ve been disturbing him constantly about losing his ring. That’s probably the biggest mistake he has ever done, because all he got in the end was endless guilt-inducing conversations with me! q:

Headed down to Astons for dinner,went to collect his ring, and then caught New Moon! :D Dinner was absolutely filling for some reason, and that left the both of us feeling so stuffed! I had Grilled Fish with Herbs while Jon got Chicken & Sausage combo. (:



New Moon was good! :D Scenes of the sparkly and charming Edward and the bulky and built Jacob, revealing all his six pacs! There was a particular scene when Taylor Lautner took off his top, and there was a sudden commotion in the theatre! Bet it’s the job of the very toned body of his! Jon liked how the director portrayed Edward at the beginning, all gorgeous and charming in his blazer, and I totally agree! :D Now I am looking forward to watching Eclipse heh!

At the end of the movie, Jon asked if I wanted to be a vampire or a werewolf, hahaha! What a retarded question! q:


Jon & I slept slept in today, and it feels really good. Like he said, his bed is cursed! We can never wake up early when we are sleeping on his bed. Had yam abacus that his grandma made, and then got to eat dumplings that his Mom made too. Oh, and I’m 46kg at the moment which is 1kg from my target weight. But at the rate that I’m eating, I’m going to gain back all the flabs and be fat again. ):

Left his place to meet up with Soulmate for some shopping while Jon went off to play football with his brothers. Shopped around Far East, and the both of us laughed at so many stuff. I seriously love this girl too much, my soul sister! (: Saw many pretty things are Far East, and I wish I could buy them all! Pretty laptop cases, dresses and everything!

Stacey & I went to meet a seller because she was collecting her candy watch. I find the seller so rude, because being Stacey’s usual friendly and uplifted character, she greeted and all the seller did was to give a forceful smile and walked away. Not even a thank you or sorry (because she was late). I was quite irritated I told Stacey that she should actually just message her and tell her she’s very rude!


One of our buys! Her studded hairband, and my satin ribbon hairband! :D


Her candy watch, which apparently is damn lousy! It took us half an hour to sit down just to adjust the time and date. /: She gave up and I was the one who helped with it, if not she’d just sell it away!


Stacey drew this on my camera!


Jon came and join us after that, and we went to Food Republic to have Teppanyaki for dinner! When Jon appeared in front of Stacey from the crowd, she literally jumped! Hahaha, so funny. It’s so nice having my favourite people by my side I swear, so happy together laughing and smiling all the time. I like the feeling of holding Jon’s hands, and holding Stacey’s on the other. (:




Went to Far East, and we had Slice for dessert! It was a treat from Stacey! Thanks Soulmate. :D We enjoyed our dessert very much! :D

Breakfast in Bed

Puppy Love

Jon was complaining that he’s still feeling thirsty (from the Teppanyaki) so we went to Sweet Talk for him to get his Bubble Tea. So while he was queueing, I wanted to wear my new ribbon hairband to surprise him, and was telling Stacey that Jon would definitely say that I’m acting cute. But before I could put it on, Jon was done with his drink so Stacey and I panicked and she stood in between us just to block me. What’s the most retarded thing? She started doing some stupid dance hahaha! Damn funny! When I got it up on my head, I kept pointing at my ribbon looking all excitedsaying “VERY CUTE RIGHT VERY CUTE RIGHT!” Then turned to look at Stacey and we started laughing like idiots. Jon just stared at us and laughed.

I probably do really unglam stuff, but I only do them with the people I love. And the best thing is I don’t feel embarrassed or anything of that sort. It’s as though everything just feel so right and normal. I probably had one of the best nights in a long time. (:

Soulmate, stayover soon okay? :D Miss you too much! <3

Oh, and my shopping loot for the day: A boyfriend blazer (after being fussy for many months, and the approval of my boyfriend) and the oh-so-cute satin ribbon hairband! Soulmate bought her Victoria Secret’s perfume, spongebob pen, and studded hairband. I should try out VS’s perfume when I finish my body mist from Body Shop.

The boy’s lying on my bed now (probably asleep now), and I just finished helping him massage his leg from the ache he received while playing football. He’s complaining that when I blog, it’s the same as he’s playing DOTA. Hahaha, maybe. q:

Anyway, I have decided to dye my hair, but will only do it before Christmas. Say Hi to dark red hair, and being a brunette! q:

It’s Saturday tomorrow, but I’m having Clinic at West Coast tomorrow. What a spoiler to a long weekend. ): Happier things to think about: Setting off to HK in 2 weeks time! :D

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  2. Stacey, Awww Soulmate! :D That’s so sweet of you heee! I love you too, very much! <3333 Jon can probably get jealous at how much I love you. q:


    cos I always use ipod to read ur blog n lazy to comment. :P
    This comment is for every post of urs with ur superboy: u always KAJIAO me enjoying my singlehood lo! HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!
    So sweet eh! :D

  4. Yuli, Hahaha, thank you! But eh, since when did I kajiao your singlehood! I didn’t okay! I only say your husbands only what, heh heh! q:


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