And I can survive with just your love.

You always have your way to smitten me, even with your slightest action.

Jon & I have been staying at each other’s place every alternate night, just to spend more time with each other. It feels really nice to have someone to hug to sleep every night, keeping you warm in the cooling weather, and talk about our thoughts and life to each other before sleeping. One reason why I’m looking forward to his arrival every single day when he’s away.

It’s going to be a little weird today, because it’s the first night I don’t have him beside me since the day he arrived. ):

Monday saw me waking up early to go to school for a road show in school, which was quite a waste of time actually. And since I was staying at Jon’s place the night before, I managed to sleep in a little longer. In addition, my boy sacrificed his sleep and sentme to school just as usual. (: Thanks Baby, I really appreciate it. And I really feel like I’m being treated like a Princess having breakfast prepared for me everytime I stay over. q: Not forgetting the fact that his grandmother want to make some traditional Hakka food for Jon, but decided to do it another day just because I’m not around! Jon’s expression immediately changed from (: to O.O! Hahaha.

It was a long day at school, 9.30am to 5pm, and it was difficult to get by. After the Roadshow, I went to do my FYP and then a short meet up with Esther for Sarah’s project, then it was class. Oh my gosh, that 2 hour of class was really hard to get by! I kept dozing off even though I swear I really made an effort to stay awake. ): I couldn’t be happier when we had to start writing our letters because only then I’d stay awake much better, rather than listening to her talk. /:

After school, Esther & I headed down to Bugis for Sarah’s project, and Jon met me at Dover so we went together. Jon asked if I was hungry, and he bought me my favourite Mr Bean’s pancakes from his place! That was a small little surprise, hee. And he was sweet to buy one for Esther too, but Esther wasn’t hungry though. Maybe she was shy, hahaha. q: Took some pictures for our project, did some human traffic count, and Esther went to meet her boyfriend while we went for dinner.

Apparently, Jon had actually arranged with my family for dinner at Boon Tong Kee! Well that came as a surprise becauseI thought we were going to have dinner alone. (: We ordered a simple meal with 3 dishes, and it was good enough to kept all of us feeling bloated for some reason. A simple and nice family dinner, I really love it. (:



Went back to my place thereafter, and we just lazed around and spend the night together watching YouTube videos, spending some quiet time together. Nothing can ever feel more serene and peaceful this way. How everything slows down for you when you’re enjoying the good company of your other half like this. (:


We were supposed to wake up early and go for breakfast, or at least lunch, on Tuesday and I did wake up early! Just that I spent most of my time lazing around my house doing nothing and just made it a lazy morning. Furthermore, I didn’t want to wake Jon up from his beauty sleep. In the end, we gave going out for lunch a miss, and I had 2 bowls of cereals for lunch instead. Jon served me with it! At the rate he’s treating me likea princess, I’m bound to become a big fat lazy bum I swear! He dotes me too much sometimes (and too little on others, opps)!

Clinic at school thereafter, and it was boring considering the fact that I had clinic duties. /:

Jon came to school to find me, and we waited for Kay Minn to finish her lessons. He bought me my favourite shakers fries before meeting me because I was complaining that I was hungry. (: When Kay Minn was done, we headed down to Queensway together. Apparently she was feeling very nervous for the interview with Jon’s Dad. She’s actually trying her luck to work for his Dad for attachment, and she was feeling so nervous when we were approaching Queensway. Hahaha. Glad that it all went well for her. Apparently Jon’s Dad told me that he finds Kay Minn friendly and cute! Then he even asked me if Kay Minn’s a guy or a girl, HAHAHA, this is so funny!

Wanted to go to Burger Shack, but that two turned me down! So we went to ABC market for dinner instead.





Stayed over at Jon’s, and I had a long talk with his parents while he played DOTA. -.-” So much for quiting! Okay, though there are times when I really don’t like him to be playing, but I am not that unreasonable to stop him totally. q: I just enjoy threatening/disturbing him about offending me if he really plays. Sad to say, my words are not taken seriously. ):

He created his own cosy corner in the living room.
Cosy corner = comfortable for gaming. /:



I don’t understand how I still give in to him though I hate it. And to think I actually sit beside him and try to kill time by doing my own stuff (e.g.being on twitter)/:

Today’s a really long day at school, from 9am till 6pm! /: Well, technically class ended at 11am but there was a CLS Graduation party at 3pm, which was quite a failure. /: The emcee was really irritating, and everyone was just annoyed. Cold and awkward situations happened a few times, and then the performances weren’t anything near fantastic., except the DOPT’s performance! Not that I’m biased, but I’m just stating the very truth! So proud of the people that were on stage. (:

Girls whom I spent my everyday in school with. (:

DOPT on stage! :D

Left slightly earlier, and headed back to Jon’s place for dinner. Spent the rest of the night lazing around at his place, spending a slow and lazy night with him. (:

On a very happy note, my boy booked a pair of tickets for the sneak preview for New Moon tomorrow! :D It was supposed to be a surprise, but apparently he left the window (at Hotmail) open when I used his computer and that’s what I saw. Geee, I spoilt his surprise for me! He knows that I really want to watch this, so he went to catch Twilight before coming back to Singapore so that he’d be able to understand/appreciate New Moon better. :D

Ever since he came back from Melbourne, everything he did brings an extremely wide grin on my face from ear to ear. My face is not even wide enough to express the happiness I’m feeling.

When he sent me back home today, we dropped by Cathay to collect our tickets he ordered online. After I collected the tickets, Jon took the tickets and looked at me in the eyes.

Jon: Baby, will you be free tomorrow for a movie date with me? We will have dinner together before that, and then watch the movie you wanted to watch so much.

I swear I couldn’t stop grinning to myself with the way he asked me. I was melting inside out. Though I already spoilt his surprise of bringing me to the movies, he still asked me out the very old school way when he clearly knows that I’ve saved my entire day for him. Still can’t stop smiling like a nutcase to myself! (:


Life can never be better than this I swear! I’m in heaven. (:

6 thoughts on “And I can survive with just your love.


    dota, i swear, is confusing and i will never understand it.

  2. Your boyf’s so awesome can! *Jealous* Hahahahha! Stay sweet like this! I am so happy for you:D

  3. Estella, Hahaha, you are so exaggerated! q: But thanks babe, hee! (: And yes, DOTA has got some kind of brain washing essence on the guy! /:

    November, Hahaha, I think so too Ah Neh! q: Teeheee.

    Emily, Thank you Emily! :D And yea, I think he’s awesome too! He’s able to make a crazy woman who goes to PMS emotional roller coaster rides go on Sky-high happiness for so long. *A pat on his back for that!* q:


  4. Get married already you two!! And HAHAHA gonna claim credit,your awesome boyfriend’s my friend!!!!
    And I’m so proud to have him as a friend (cus of how awesome he is), and so proud to have you because you’re awesome-r.
    I still think chau’s lottery winning is you. (;

  5. Amanda, Hey babe, I’m really flattered by what you said! I’m not as good as you claimed me to be, but heh thanks for the compliment. I hope he feels the same way too. q: (P.S: The both of us secretly want to get married as soon as we can too. q:)


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