Joint-entry, part uno!

Hello everyone! :D

Love, Kellyn & Jon.

As I am writing this, I’ve Jon lying on my lap and looping Winter Wonderland as the background music. (: A slow and lazy Sunday, just with my perfect companion. (:

Both of us woke up early today, and my parents brought the both of us out to Johor for breakfast! (: I’m back for less than 12 hours, and I’m out of the country. Dragged outselves out of bed, and off we go for my Dad’s favourite wanton mee. My Mom’s so sick of it already because that’s what my Dad always eats when he goes there! Hahaha. Well, I love the wanton mee too! Reminds me of the wanton mee we had with Haorui & family in KL. Love it when I get to spend good quality time with the people I love. (:



The sky was so blue and clear, just the way I like it! Not forgetting that it was exceptionally windy my hair was flying all over my face! /:

The havs that Baby got for me! :D Check out that retarded-yet-cute smiley face!





Went to the supermarket to just do some quick groceries shopping, and then we headed back home. My parents sent the both of us to Jurong Point where I arranged to have lunch with Jon’s parents & brothers for “no apparent reason”. Well, actually it was supposed to be a surprise for them to see that Jon’s here with me when he’s supposed to be back only on Wednesday! When his parents saw him, they were extremely surprised! They exchanged hugs, and I saw that Jon’s Mom’s eyes well-up up with tears while his Dad couldn’t stop smiling to himself. Jon’s such a naughty kid that brings joy to the people around him. (:

Headed back to his place after lunch, and then I got him to do some my usual beauty regime with me! I made him use Cure, and he did agree that his face felt really clean and smooth after using it! (Y) One of the best exfoliators I’ve ever used, really! Slapped on a mask each, and then we watched YouTube videos on the bed together.

Oh, Jon keeps saying that my face is a lot fairer and smoother than before! Teehee, makes me feel so happy to know that my efforts have gotten some results! :D I was telling Jon that I’m probably the ugliest when I’m with him because I really don’t need to care about how I look, and he’ll still whisper to my ear saying how beautiful I am. I swear I couldn’t stop grinning when he said that. (: Probably the only one who appreciates me for who I am to this extent too.


Let’s get vain!

and then terrorize the world. (Jon’s Dad came into the room and got a shock when he saw us like that, HAHAHA!)

Had 2 dinners today! Ultra sinful. One of it was a wide spread at his place, and a steamboat session at his aunt’s place. It only take us 1 day to gain back all the kilos that we lost from the absence from each other’s presence. I was telling Jon that we’ve the same religion – we both believe in Food! q:

Dinner at The Chau’s!

Something random: Jon told me last night when I was showering, my Dad came up to him sneakily when he’s in my room while my Mom’s sitting in the living room.

Dad: Hey, how many girlfriends do you have in Australia?
Jon:Don’t have la! Hahaha.
Mom: *Turns back and stares at my Dad*

Hahaha, I’m so amused by this seriously. My Dad is seriously mischievous sometimes.

Anyway, when we got back home, we were a little bored and started playing with the webcam on his laptop. (:

And as I’m writing all these, the boy is falling asleep on my lap. So his definition of blogging together with me means writing 2 lines only. So much of blogging together. -.-” (By the way, if you still don’t know, the words in blue are by Jon.)

It’s going to be another long day for me in school tomorrow, and I am already in a happy mood for anything too serious! ): And this is what I mean by my life’s back when Jon’s back.

Jon’s my life.

6 thoughts on “Joint-entry, part uno!

  1. well baby. i have a great time with you. a perfect sunday. Love you very much. Oh yea, you forgot to blog about me saving my facial hair for you to pluck it out. honestly, it hurts a lot but since it was meant for you, i survived through it all. And you are good. Its shaved!

    Anyway, two lines is still my contribution right. Haha. Well, i promise i will write more than 2 lines the next time we blog. probably 3 :P

  2. Pam, Aww babe, thank you so much! :D Heh, a little too early for marriage though!

    Jon, I had an absolutely fantastic day with you baby. I forgot to talk about that part, and you were actually sleeping when I was plucking all the facial hair out! How can you actually fall asleep in the midst of the pain? You’re really amazing! Hahaha. And your contribution is pathetic! ): I should set a bench mark of at least 100 lines the next time round! q: Love you too baby, always! <333


  3. yeah seriously, just get married already!!! & i wanna be there for your wedding :)

    very very very tooooo sweeeet!!

  4. Jia Sheng, Hahaha thank you! You’re much better off, happy every day and any time!

    Kerri, Heehee, thank you babe! I wish I’d get married now but not very likely to happen any time soon! ): Still got loads of things up in the next few years. Will invite you if we really get married though! q:


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