Parce que tout ce que tu veux dire


Met up with Amanda after school today, and she came to SP’s bus stop to meet me! (: We took a bus down to Far East, and then did some shopping. I bought a basic flutter sleeved top and I love it! Love evergreen clothes, because they’ll never ever go out of trend just like it’s name says. And that was all I bought! (:

Amanda brought me to Wasabi-Tei that served really good and affordable Japanese Cuisine! She was raving to me how good it is, and how stern the chef is because he actually scolds his customers! O.O Anyway, we were only 5 minutes late from the opening time and the entire place was packed already. We had to wait for about 30 minutes or so before we could be seated. /: And when we left, there was a queue outside too. No joke!

I ordered salmon steak set and added a chawanmushi! The best is even though it’s cheap, you don’t cheap and lousy quality food. The sashimi that Amanda ordered is damn thick and fresh! So soft and tender! Both of us were so engrossed in our food we didn’t even talk much. In addition, the portion was so filling. The appetizer was something very interesting (though it looks like cooked grass jelly) and I have absolute no idea what that is, still. The salmon steak was a thick piece, and well cooked. The chawanmushi has a lot of mushrooms, I totally dig it! Yum yum! Typing all these is stimulating my hunger vibes all over again. ):

Everything I ordered cost only $15! Gonna bring Jon there when he’s back! I’m sure he’ll love me more with every food bribe I give him, heh. That’s why we are made for each other! :D

Amanda just can’t wait patiently! She has to stand at the door and stare at the people inside to ask them to hurry up finish eating! HEH damn funny. Should have snapped her expression instead!


Continued shopping around, and I’m glad not to add anymore items into my shopping cart. q: Amanda got herself a very pretty hat, and she keeps smiling to herself over it. I’m still searching for my ideal blazer since forever, but I can never find one. ): Sometimes when I can’t find the things I want, I am secretly really happy because I don’t get to spend money! (Y)

We went to Starbucks to just laze around for awhile before she goes back and play mahjong with the guys. Caught up quite a bit with this girl, and I like how she shares things with me! Skincare tips, boyfriend/friends issue, career/school-related,�anything! I’m actually quite amazed how well I can click around with her because she’s actually Jon’s friend. I’d never expect myself to actually hang out and become good friends with Jon’s.



The weather has been so cold lately, I’m loving it! Maybe I look a bit retarded wearing a scarf but I really don’t care. It keeps me warm, and I like wearing a scarf! q: I always think that if Singapore is a four-seasons country, I think I’d be having a lot of fun playing dress up all the time! Gonna go buy my knee-length boot heels yay, can’t wait! :D

I’m thinking if I should go buy Liese hair dye. My hair colour is absolutely ugly right now (probably 3 colours), and I’m looking at brunette! Love dark red hair! Should I, should I not?!

FYP at 8.30am tomorrow morning, and then it’ll be work. The thought of how quickly the weekend will pass, and how the week will start is making me totally excited! Looking forward to next Wednesday very much. Every passing minute brings me a step closer to reunion. (:

Gonna call Jon before I crash tonight, our usual everyday routine! :D

4 thoughts on “Parce que tout ce que tu veux dire

  1. ehh the food looks good. i am hungry now, thanks to u. hahaha. BUY IF U WANT A CHEAP AND GOOD WAY OF DYEING UR HAIR. but really will drop hair when u wash! :/ so idk its up to u!

  2. I LUV U X 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and your pictures made me hungry again………………………………………..

  3. I brought the dye and lost lots of hair :( Pretty color but I guess the damage is pretty big too :( Awesome wasabi tei, but very cramp lor :(

  4. Estella, Yes the food is good, should go try it! :D Heh, I bet you’ll feel hungry with me or not! q: I want to dye my hair but hair loss is scary! ): Should go think over it again heh! I love being brunette! Pretty colour!

    Amanda, Awww babe, I love you too! :D Hahaha, I will bring Jon there when he’s back! (Y)

    Emily, You used it too?! Hmmmm, now I am wondering if the normal hair dye is better than Liese! /: And yea, it’s damn good but super cramp! Small area! I think that’s the only compromise considering the price paid! A bearable compromise though! :D


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