It’s been a long time (:

Let’s hit the books! :D

Woke up to a headache and decided to give school a miss today since there was only one lesson. Bad student. ): With that I slept in, and my headache did become better. (:

Met Kay Minn for our study plan later in the afternoon, and she suggested Starbucks. It was raining pretty heavily, and thankfully we managed to find a seat indoors. The entire weather today’s good, though it was raining. I tried out the Christmas drinks, but I still prefer my usual Green tea/caramel frappe best!

Kay Minn and I couldn’t stop talking every now and then in the midst of studying! ): But oh well, I still manage to do a bit of revision which I probably won’t do so on my own. I need way more discipline than what I have right now. /: We were talking a bit about what we plan to do in the future, and it sounds fun if she’s going to join me in what I want to do, though we might be studying different things then! Sounds super exciting! :D Only if it all goes well! (:

Her Dark Cherry Mocha& my Toffee Nut Frappe.









The weather’s really quite cold the scarf I brought came in handy. We realised the way both of us dressed was as though we were going through winter or something (except that I was in shorts).

After all the studying, we caught up with Kay Minn’s life. Heh heh, exciting eh? q: Oh and there was this funny conversation with her! I find subtle humour absolutely hilarious sometimes I can’t stop laughing. /:

Me: If only Singapore’s weather is like this all the time.
Kay: The weather’s like that only at United Square.

She makes me feel retarded laughing at this really! Though she’s younger, I’m quite glad her maturity level kinda comes to the same level as mine. It’s quite easy talking to her when we are alone. That’s my Son! (: I really cherish friendships like this.



Jon & I had a long talk this morning.Though it was supposed to a resolving-call, it turned outto be arather nice and happy one. Thank you for your words, thank you for making see what you think. It should have always been this way, I should always be seeing and hearing your thoughts. You know I’ll always want to know what you’re thinking, what you’re doing. You know everything about you means a lot to me.

6 more days to the very night. 6 more days till we meet at the airport. 6 more days till I’ll bring that smile you can’t hide across your face when you see me from the carousel.


2 thoughts on “It’s been a long time (:

  1. Mom you’re superrrr efficient!! HAHAHA, didn’t know my ‘subtle humour’ had such an effect on you though -.- WE NEED TO STUDY MOREEE, i won’t even take out my books if i’m at home luh :(

  2. Kay Min,, You mean you only know how efficient your Mom is now?! ): Hahaha, and I like subtle humour what! q: And yes, more study sessions needed soon, but gotta find time! ): And like you, I don’t even touch my books at home! ):


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