Re-Channeling energy.

I’m so flushed like a mad bull right now. So red I find it absolutely refreshing.

Blogging from my phone in the school’s sports hall right now, all sweaty and smelly from the vigorous activity with my dear DOPT mates. (: But I think I hurt my calve muscles while playing handball though. Mustbe because of the fact that I didn’t warm up. /:

I like channeling my energy to something productive. Something that keeps my mind and body healthy. Something that keeps me happy. I really need this.

Hopefully my physical weariness can force my body to sleep well, because I haven’t been doing so for quite a while. I toss and turn on bed hoping to sleep, then my body wakes me up much earlier than I’m supposed too. This is so bleak! ):

Will crash early tonight. There’s clinic tomorrow. Every week’s like preparing for a war. /:

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