Halfway through November

On Saturday morning, just as I was about to leave house for work, I received a call from Jon’s Mom. Well apparently, she asked if I could go to work later and we would catch a movie together. My Mom was asked along too, but apparently she received a call from work after dressing up and had to give it a miss. ):

Headed down to Cineleisure, and we caught Paranormal Activity because there was nothing else to watch. ): Gosh, it’s just the kind of movie I hate. Not because it’s scary, but the very fact the movie that involves hand-held camera. I felt so nauseous that I had to leave the theatre in the midst of the movie for a little while, and I felt like I had motion sickness (which apparently I don’t have, of course) the moment I stepped out. :S The movie was pretty scary, because I thought it was based on a true story. When I found out it wasn’t (from Google), I rolled my eyes and thought it was stupid. -.-”

The movie left me feeling giddy! ): Took a train back to work thereafter. The day felt like forever and I was so tired at the end of the day. /:

Woke up earlier today morning to read through a little of my BV notes for some simple revision. Gotta prepare for some questions that Miss Yip would probably ask me on Tuesday after clinic. ): Anyway, the weather this morning was perfect! Cooling breeze, and I can survive really well without the fan! :D Love days like this! When I came out from the shower, my hands were literally freezing!

Went to Ghim Moh to meet Jon’s Mom and we had kebab at this coffee shop for lunch. It was average, but the food took quite a while to come. /: We figured that the stall’s probably new, so that explains the messy order system they have at the moment.


Took a cab to Cineleisure thereafter and met up with the rest of Chau’s family, and we were slightly late for our movie. Hate having to miss out even the slightest bit of the movie! ): But anyway, 2012 is a really exciting movie that makes me clinch my fist tighter each time I see the world “falling”! My tear glands got activated a little too, but no I didn’t tear, just that my eyes got a little wet and nothing more. Go watch it if you’re thinking what’s good to catch! :D

Squeezed into Uncle’s car, and imagine having 7 people in it! I had to sit on Auntie’s lap and thank goodness it was a short journey! Wouldn’t want to have her suffer from the weight I’m putting on her. Thank goodness Uncle’s car is spacious. (: Uncle kept disturbing me saying how I’m the shortest and the smallest among everyone there. Of course I’m the shortest and the smallest! All of them are guys my goodness! Smallest doesn’t equate to being slim or light by the way. ):

In-lieu of Uncle Chau’s birthday, we had dinner at Shokudo. I had bacon rosti, and I was feeling so stuffed I had to force myself to finish whatever I had on my plate. Had Macha tea too, and I love Japanese Green Tea! :D Only took some pictures of the food at the beginning, and then I just became too lazy. Dinner was way too filling I am dying even at this moment. By the way, I haven’t got a gift and I still can’t think of anything to buy. Any suggestions? Thinking of what to get for a guy is such a pain sometimes. ):


The last few days had me thinking about what I want do do upon graduation, an a new possibility has been laid out. It’s a suggestion from Jon’s Dad and Jon seems to like this idea. In fact, he thinks that this is a perfect idea. I guess I’m settled with not getting a degree upon graduation. I really feel like sharing about what the plan’s about, but maybe I shouldn’t spill out too much. They’re all tentative anyway. Some of you may already know what I’m considering if you’re following me on Twitter, but I haven’t said much about the reason(s) for following this timeline. Maybe if you were me, you’d understand better too.

To be honest, I really like the idea of this plan too. But the draw backs? 1. Money 2. I don’t know if taking a degree at 23 is going to put me behind others 3. I can’t fulfil my dream of starting a family at/before 25.

Gotta talk to my parents and ask about what they think of it. Though they’ve always been supportive, I still want to know what they think. Meanwhile, I gotta work hard for my final semester. Without at least maintaining my grades, I can also just forget about this plan.

I need to learn to relax a little more, think and plan lesser, and enjoy life. 2009 is such a sad year for me, I don’t know why. It feels like I’ve experienced a lot of bad things. I’m so glad it’s halfway through November and the year is ending.

10 days till my love’s back. 10 days.

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