Futuristic Talks.


I bet everyone has or will go through this phase in life – decision making. There was this talk about going for a degree programme (offered in SP by University of Manchester) which I missed, soI asked Esther & Yuli whether they’d be going for it.

I’ve already decided to give it a miss, because based on what I’ve already planned for my future – my near future at least – I don’t see a difference if I take it up or not. I’ve already made the decision to clear my 1 year of being a probational licensed Optometrist upon graduation.

But why am I getting swayed right now? One simple reason: because almost everybody is doing it. I don’t even see that I need it or the difference that it’ll make to me, so why am I still swayed just because everyone’s doing it? I need to be more affirmative with my decisions. Peer pressure? Not so much I guess. Fear of losing out? More likely.

It’s so difficult because the world is so certificate-orientated now (the worst thing is that even with a cert doesn’t even guarantee you a job). Someone once told me that to be successful in life, you have to have opportunities. If you let the opportunity slip away in life just because you want to work your way up, you’re just being stupid. There’s more than 1 person than told me this in fact. Not that I’ll be successful, but I’ve an opportunity laid in front of me. I’m not going to let it slip off just like that anyway, I’m going to make full use of it. Just so you know, I already see where my life is heading towards. (Then again, I strongly believe that Opportunities aren’t there to give you a reason just to slack your life away.)

At the end of it, I believe experience plays a huge role in my career too. So should I just stick with my original plan, or reconsider? Or maybe I should just work for one year, and see if there’s a need for me to take up this programme?

I’m stucked in a huge dilemia right now. Growing up isn’t fun at all. Not only it’s getting tougher as it goes, it brings you so many situations that you’ve to decide for. This is so, sobleak.

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  1. I think that one should always jump at opportunities. I don’t think you would ever regret furthering your studies, it’s always a good thing if you have the opportunity and means to (:

  2. i think u should stick to the original plan! in such fields, experience counts the most so u should grab that opportunity! u can always choose to take up this programme at a later point in life right? :)

  3. TOTALLY!!! i understand how u feel right now!!!
    this is even worse than choosing poly or courses after Os sia! bigger decision making than before! =/

  4. 3 comments, 3 different opinions, but james the poet says follow your heart.
    the mind tries to rationalise far too much and in the end, it tends to deceive and mislead.
    follow your heart, which ever way it leads you;
    it’d never quite let you down.

  5. Thanks everyone for sharing with me what you think. (: Will think through it over again and decide which will be a better option. Really appreciate it.

    And yea Sook Fung, deciding for what course to choose after O’s is really nothing as compared to this. /:


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