Discounts, freebies & shopping are love!

A series of laughters, cramps and bargains! :D

It’s a long day at school today! The morning saw Jia Sheng and I staring into the computer screen and working on our FYP report for more than hour, producing something that could be read within 7 minutes! ): Had so much trouble rephrasing and cracking our brains on how to start and what to write. Not forgetting the number of times we got distracted by other random stuff! But never mind, I’m quite glad that we started quite fine and hope that Mrs Tan approves of whatever we’ve done so we can proceed. (: After class ended at 5pm, we went to meet the Biostats lecturer for another short FYP meeting which apparently came as Question marks overloadsince I practically don’t understand anything. I swear I hate Biostats. ):

Met up with Estella my dearest evil twin after so long! We had budget but nice woon toon(wanton) noodles dinner, and then it was shopping! :D I finally bought my Body Shop facial cleanser and I’m so happy and got discounts from Estella’s membership card. When we come together, it’s all about going for discounts and going for whatever that’s more worth it! :D Can’t wait for the day when I flood my toilet with all the Body Shop’s toiletries when I have my own house. I want my toilet to smell so fruity like Body Shop that I want to stay in there all day long, hahaha!

Shopping at Bugis street was a happy thing! She bought a dress while I got a pair of navy blue harem pants! Love the material, and it’s totally worth the price! *Prance around!* :D I need to buy more dresses for work and probably clinic, because I’m too lazy to match clothes!

We settled at Starbucks and bought a cup of drink to share! :D Laughed at a lot of things, especially Estella’s retardedness that cracked me up all the time! Estella & her silliness! (:

The venti Green Tea Frappe we shared. (:


Our phones! Almost identical twins hee.


Hahaha, probably one of my favourite pictures of the night! :D

Had such a nice & simple night with this babe. My night ended with extreme facial & stomach cramps from all the laughing and what not. She cracks me up all the time – a good way to end my night! Thanks babe for your company! :D Oh, and I told her that it seems that it’s almost impossible not to shop with her. That’s why I always gotta save up first before hanging out with her, hahaha. Ambassador of shopping!

Meeting up with Amanda for dinner after clinic tomorrow! That’s what I mean by packing up days up with meeting my girlfriends, FYP or work! Alright, gotta rest early & then prepare for war (clinic) tomorrow! Wish me luck! :D (P.S: Whoever still wants to have free eyecheck please approach me okay! In need of eyes!)

2 thoughts on “Discounts, freebies & shopping are love!

  1. hello evil twin! :D i love our aunty buys today! and the watsons auntie (Y) teehee. cant wait to meet you for more laughter next time seriously! :) thank you for correcting my WOON TOON. i will remember never to say that again. Hahaha. love you babe! jiayou for school okay! :) i love happy entries too.

  2. Estella, Hahaha, I love the Watsons Aunty too! She gives freebies with a smile and even gave more freebies too! (Y) Good service hee. And your woon toon is damn hilarious. Doomz noodles too! And thanks for the encouragement, will try to get by school more productively and happily too! Can’t wait to meet you the next time too hee, but meanwhile let me feed myself with facial foam for the rest of the month & stock up my bank account first! :D


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