Suddenly I see, this is what I want to be.


Her face is a map of the world
Is a map of the world
You can see she’s a beautiful girl
She’s a beautiful girl
And everything around her is a silver pool of light
The people who surround her feel the benefit of it
It makes you calm
She holds you captivated in her palm

Saturday was such a long day! It saw me waking up at 6.30am to head down to school for a talk, and then it was clinic in the afternoon! My saturday was practically taken up by school, how sad! ): But oh well, clinic was quite good to me that day because my refraction was pretty accurate, considering one of the patients came in without glasses and then turned out to have 200 & 300 degrees of astigmatism! :D Probably thanks to the training I get from working! :D Now I probably lost touch of retinoscopy, so I gotta brush up on my skills soon. Anyway, I felt satisfied with myself considering it’s my first clinic session! :D

Met up with my Girlfriends for dinner in-lieu to our anniversary, a day where we’d make a special attempt to spend time together despite our hectic schedules over the time. We settled at Wala-wala, and the food wasn’t too bad other than the fact my dory fish was a tad too salty. Had red wine to go along with our food as well. A celebration calls for some alcohol to go along! q: We catched up with each other’s life, joked and had loads of fun together. I missed this bunch of crazy girls, & was so glad to meet up with them! (:









Jeanna, Jolyn & March went out to withdraw money, and then came back with a lemon cheesecake from Bread Talk to complement our mini celebration! Really appreciate it, because it was a really nice & sweet act my dears! The cake was quite good too! Or maybe it was just the way we eat our cakes & the company that made it taste better. (: Stayed on for the live band thereafter, and it was good! I love the first set better than the second set though. Listening to the music makes me want to dance along with it too! Music is the soul to the body! :D



This is the way we eat our cake. Easy and ugly, but that’s what you do only with the people you love. (:



I love good quality times like this with my Girlfriends, and my week ended well with their company! So thankful for their presence in my life, and I love every single one of them. Cheers to 5 years of friendship, and many more years to come! (:

Today was spent at home working on the contact lens brochure on Photoshop, which totally lagged my lousy computer the entire time. One very very good reason to get a new laptop – my cursor movement lags like a broken train trying to move from one corner of the screen to the other! >:( Anyway, I’m glad that I’m almost done with the brochure already and I’m only left with one more page! Aim to finish it by tonight! (:

Wanted to take a 30 min long afternoon nap and then I ended up sleeping for 2 hours! /: Really couldn’t find the push to drag myself out from the bed! So when I finally jumped out of the bed, I went to do my hair + face treatment. The lack of sleep is causing pimples to be flying all over across my face! ):

Dinner with my family at Plaza Sing’s Ajisen, along with one of my Dad’s friend. A family dinner that was so difficult to arrange is finally carried out, and I’m glad we did! (: Ajisen’s desserts wasn’t to my liking in any way though. Huge disappointment. /: One by one, everyone in my family is asking when Jon’s coming back because I guess it’s almost time he’d be back! :D On the car ride, my family’s planning about going on a one day road trip to Malacca when Jon gets back! I can see that there’d be endless of good food waiting for us, with my Dad & Jon taking turns to drive around in Malaysia. This sounds so fun, just like the other one day road trip to Desaru in July! :D

For the month of November & December spells endless eating, because that’s when Jon’s back to get fat together with me! Means that from now till his arrival, I should really cut down on my food intake and shed some pounds!

Tomorrow’s the start of another busy week! School, FYP, dinner dates with friends, and work! I’m keeping every single day of my week fully packed with appointments oh dear. I should learn to set aside time to get some rest!

I guess my Baby’s asleep right now, but all the best for your first exam tomorrow sweetheart! I know you’ve been working hard, and will pray for you my dear! (:

Alright, I should go and work on brochure right now!

3 thoughts on “Suddenly I see, this is what I want to be.

  1. yeah babe, cant wait to go to malacca with your family. the cake looks good, i wanna have some.
    thanks for your blessing, one paper down, 3 to go :)

  2. “For the month of November & December spells endless eating, because that’s when Jon’s back to get fat together with me! Means that from now till his arrival, I should really cut down on my food intake and shed some pounds!”

    HAHHAHA then i’m so screwed. i’ve been eating endlessly with J every weekend after he books out! YES TO WEIGHT LOSS!!!! :D But i think we’re both quite bad at resisting food & temptations. Like all talk, no actions! YESSSS you gotta travel to Malacca! I had SO MUCH fun pigging out in Malacca. They have very good durian ice kachang, a very very famous one at one of the malls. And I enjoyed all the laksa, seafood, hotpot yadda yadda…just make sure you guys set out early in the day to avoid the morning jam. Like around 6am would be ideal :D

    i know how it feels to look forward to the arrival of the return of your other half. this happens to me every week too, hahahaha


  3. Jon, I can’t wait too Baby! That’s going to be so much fun! :D And the cake looks & taste good, but nothing really beats our very own cheesecake even if it taste far from perfect. (: We’ll make our nutella cheesecake when you’re back okay?! :D Will keep praying for you my dear, study hard! :D

    Xiuling, Hahaha, how I miss those time when I get to enjoy all good food every weekend when Jon in NS! ): And like you said, food & temptations are hard to resist! (There’s a reason why they’re called temptations! q:) You sound like a good food advisor recommending me all the food I should binge on, which is bad isn’t! Whatever happen to WEIGHT LOSS?! Heehee. Bah, you are so lucky to look forward to the arrival of your other half every weekend. I look forward to it twice in a year only! So sad! ):


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