Don’t you ever let me go.

3 years 7 months.

Thank you for making me laugh, when you get so happy as I told you how you never fail (as in 100%) to traumatize me in my dreams nightmares.
Thank you for making me high when you cringe as I suggested to go for blood donation, just because of your haemophobia.
Thank you for all the random calls you give me throughout the days, though some of them carry the intention to disgust and irk me.
Thank you for always being there for me, despite the miles that separated us.
Thank you for charging me in with energy at the end of a very bleak day, just with you running through my mind.

Thank you for working hard for our future.

I may not be the most ideal girlfriend out there. I get temperamental & unreasonable at times, yet you have your way with me. Really kudos to you for that my dear! You’re probably the only one out there that’s ever able to tolerate my nonsense so unconditionally. The past one month was such a rough one for us, probably resulted from me and I’m so sorry for behaving as though I am a princess. Thank God it’s you. Bet no one else would ever hang on to me like you do.

When I think of how a perfect relationship is, the road still leads me back to you. We are amazing. You are amazing. I love you so much my Baby dearest, my husband-to-be. (:

18 days till you’re back. 18 days till I can be back in the warmest embrace.


3 thoughts on “Don’t you ever let me go.

  1. Aw. So sweet. A very sweet dedicated entry my dear. Love you very much. You will always be my little princess.

  2. Jon, I’m glad that made you happy my dear. (: I love you very much too, and hee I’m your little princess. (:

    Stacey, Aww Soulmate, thank you! :D


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