Escapade in the form of Tea Indulgence


Met up with Xiuling after school today and it was nice catching up a little with her! We took away 4 sushi each from Isetan as our lunch. I ate quite a lot today! I bought Pork with Asparagus from ToriQ while waiting for her to arrive! I had a huge sudden craving for asparagus and I just had to satisfy it! I love asparagus! :D

After our really small lunch, we went over to Sephora at ION, where Benefit was having this mini party. Apparently Xiuling has received an invite to attend this party, and she brought me along too. They served pretty cupcakes that she was eyeing on the whole time. Not forgetting the goodie bag too, me included! q:


Walking around Sephora makes me want to buy cosmetics! ): I’m thinking if I should learn how to apply foundation/loose powder and blusher. Quite a few girls told me that it would be complete to have make up with these. Maybe Jon would flip if I really do, because he always tell me that I belong to the minority of girls who don’t apply foundation. Hahaha, I wonder what he’s reaction would be if I have moved into the majority group! q:

Went to TWG for tea, and we shared a high tea set along with another pot of tea because it’s like a minimum requirement to have a pot of tea/person. We had Celebration ($29/set) instead of Chic ($25/set) since we were sharing, and there would be more for us to go around. (: I had Japanese sencha green tea while she had silver moon. I really love the sandwiches – Foie Gras, Smoked salmon with Mascarpone and chives, & Roma tomatoes and Moroccan Mint Tea infused sauce – even though I gotta admit that the serving was pretty small. Foie gras was good, but I love the salmon! Tried the caramel, praline and rose macrons which has integrated the taste of their signature tea!





The outlook of the place seems quite upscaled, but it’s still relatively affordable considering that it seems really expensive. Nice place to just sit down and chill out with your girlfriends. (: I guess I bear to part with my money for things like this occassionally to pamper myself a little, considering that I save on daily meals (though I still eat a lot, sigh) and the fact that I earn my own money. (:

We rushed to the toilet after we foot the bill, probably because we had an influx of tea & water into our system. Ended up camwhoring a little! Should just kick the habit of camwhoring in toilets already! Anyway, we were feeling quite cold so either the pictures turn out not nice, or that the nice ones were blurred. ):


Dinner & movie plan with my family was aborted because my Dad had to go to Malaysia at the very last minute for work. Really sad because I was looking forward to it so much, not forgetting the fact that I want to catch Sister’s Keepers. ): So with that, I headed back home in the evening. It’s so difficult to arrange for a family outing sometimes, sigh. /:

Oh anyway, thanks Xiuling for lending me the Holga to try out and play around with! I hope that it goes back to you safely in one piece. Gonna work the Holga when Jon comes back and I hope the pictures turn out pretty, though I’ve heard from many people that the first roll of film usually turns out quite bad. /: If I master the skills of taking nice lomo pictures, I’ll probably get one for myself too! It has been in my wishlist for way too long!

The goodie bag from Benefit’s mini party! :D

Had a really pleasant Thursday, which saw me getting some own rest time at home in the night. I need to run away from the hectic school life. I’m going to fill up my free time on Sunday to work on the contact lens brochure, and Monday & Wednesday to work on FYP report. Explains why I teared unconciously while talking to Jon on the phone last night while talking to him about school. School’s such a dread for me now, sigh. ):

That’s why a bleak life like this calls for a short escapade from reality like these.

8 thoughts on “Escapade in the form of Tea Indulgence

  1. silly girl, chill alright. don’t worry about school. Call me if you need a listening ear.
    and OMG, you are becoming a tai tai, i can’t believe this. Meeting up in the middle of the day at ION ORCHARD for HIGH TEA! This is unacceptable.
    AND NO to foundations. i am kind of allergic to the componds they use to make it

  2. Jon, Thanks Baby for being so supportive. I love you. (: And heehee, you’ve to feed this tai tai of yours! I love to do all the acts that is deem unacceptable by you! q: And hahaha, foundations aren’t made of Blood, why are you allergic to it? HAHAHAHAHA, okay I’m so cute! And I know you love me for that! q:


  3. HAHAHAHAHA coughs at the foundations are not made of blood comment. omg i want the CUPCAKES TOO! why you never take for me? :( and i want the goodie bag. muahahaha. kidding only. the cupcakes looks so pretty though. so do you girls! :)

  4. haha someone’s so efficient at updating her blog :) good, i like! nice pictures! we look totally gorgeous… haha thanks lala. i don’t think u should use foundation cos the makeup would appear too thick. just use compact powder like what i do. those cosmetic counter girls have very thick but good finishing cos they use foundation, but its good cos they’re working under bright spotlights. otherwise, powder is good enough! yay to gorgeous eyes!! Or use bb cream :) have fun experimenting with your eye makeup..your eyes are your windows to your soul. Attract more customers into your shop… Drink more water at work!! Good for your skin!! And drink more water when you’re in HK haha. Must hydrate your skin and body!! Especially in humid singapore!

  5. hello!!
    omg you got a goodie bag from benefit?!!! i know this might sound super dumb but when did benefit come to singapore! and where??? i’ve only seen it in melbourne! :) and i must say your photos are super super super sharp and pretty!!!
    your whole blog is just absolutely GORGEOUS. must have taken you ages to do all the little bits and pieces! Jon is so lucky to have you to design and decorate your future house together :)

  6. Estella, Hahaha, you understood the joke?! Or did I ever told you about it before?! Hahahaha! The cupcakes are really small! Can just swallow them in a mouth! Hahaha, we are aunties of the world so hurray to the goodie bag! :D And awww, thanks babe! :D

    Xiuling, Like you said, I had the time on hand to spare that 30 mins or so! (: Looking forward to see how the pictures on your cam turn out! (: I didn’t really mean foundation actually. Maybe like loose powder or some other face powder/liquid to help cover my flaws! ): And haha, you’re just like a beauty advisor here! :D I just hope I don’t deter the customers! q: And yupp, will drink more water too! :D

    Rachel, Hi you are Rachel Lim right? Hahaha, I’ve a few friends called Rachel! And yupp, Benefit has been in Singapore for quite a while already! I think you can find it in some departmental stores or in Sephora. (: I hope Melbourne is good to you with the weather & school! And thanks for your compliments (on the pics & blog). My older blog was nicer when I could have design it totally to the way I wanted it, but yea I’m contented! q: And hee, go tell him that he should feel lucky to have me! q: Would look forward to the day to decorate my house! :D


  7. Hahaha yes that is me alright! :)
    OH seriously that is sooo cool! ya, it’s very warm these few days.. preparing us all for our return back to singapore! Haha it’s really very pretty and your photos are all so well done, you must really be good with all the photoshop stuff! Hahaha.
    Take care in singapore!

  8. Rachel, Hahaha, thanks for your compliments but I am fine with photoshop but not fantastic! Learnt all them by myself so my skills are very limited! ): You take care in Melbourne too! (:


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