Bring on the Reds!

Just got back home from school not too long ago, and I am feeling refreshed albeit tired physically! After the FYP meeting with the Biostats lecturer which ended at about 6pm, it was Sports Day with the DOPT peeps! :D Absolutely played my heart out, and I was soaking wet in my smelly perspiration with an extremely flushed face. (Jon’s jealous that he can’t see the tomato face that he loves, hee!)

Handball, volleyball, dodgeball, captain’s ball and other random things in between.

The 3 hours was exceptionally good. I needed it. Haven’t been exercising much, and I’m feeling really guilty about it.

But so much for exercising and brushing my teeth early. I just popped Vanhouten chocolates into my mouth because they want to visit my tummy so bad. ): The glutton in me never goes away.

I’m smiling to myself right now while talking to Jon on the phone. 2 of the things that he wants to do with me when he’s back is to blog together with me (omg super shocked at this) and designing a new desktop wallpaper together. Together as in, sitting beside each other typing one line after another together on my/our blog. (: He always have some cute little ideas up his sleeves that can make me smile like a fool. 101 things to look forward to when he’s back. One of which is to call for macs delivery and have breakfast beside the pool. I seriously swear this is so disgusting! Both of us are greedy and lazy, and we can just spend the rest of our lives getting fat together. And he wants to get a Rayban aviators to match mine, hee! (He wants to be Zac Efron actually)

23 more days. Counting down every single day. (:

Me: I wanna name my son Zac, & the 2nd one Edward.
Jon: I’ll name my daughter Vanessa, & the 2nd one Bella.
Me: Wow you impress me!
Jon: Don’t think because I stay at home most of the time means that I’m a kampong kid!
Me: Hahahaha!

Gotta go lie on my bed now and enjoy the rest of the night in a phone conversation with my dearest Baby. <3

6 thoughts on “Bring on the Reds!

  1. aww so sweet! and i saw the tweet about the names Hahaha! i wanna name mine snape. and dumbledore. :p exercise is shopping to me! teehee when are we gonna exercise? ;)

  2. Estella, Omg how did you even managed to read & understand my entry! I just realised I wrote grammatically wrong and weird in so many ways! Hahaha. So I just edited my entry a bit. q: And yea, shopping is good! :D How about next monday evening after my class?! Around 6pm? Where do you wanna go! :D


  3. i think i am creative. And will you stop popping food into your mouth. I know how bored you get working but there is the last thing you would wanna do to kill that boredom. It is unhealthy. Though i always do it but you much stop. save some kg for me and we can go on a food spree. That would probably add a couple of kg to both of us.

  4. Jon, You’re not creative at all! You’re just changing the words from my idea! /: Eh, don’t make me sound like a glutton okay. I learnt all the fatty acts from you seriously. /: You know what, no matter how many KG I save, I’ll earn more than I need. If only money as easy to earn as gaining the kilos. ):


  5. Oh, so the CHOCOLATE wants to vist. Anws i realized it’s been quit esome time since i said jiayou. So, jiayou!

  6. November, Yes it wanted to visit so desperately! Hahaha! And thanks for your occassional encouragement for whatever reason they are! :D


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