From the hectic schedule.

Friday marked the end of week 2 since school has started. School has been tiring, and just in this week alone saw me hitting the sack before 10pm. Gotta hang in there, because it’s the last lap of the race! Had lunch with Bing Sheng, Kelvin and Peiyu at FC6 since Bing Sheng drove to school. Going to FC6 is seriously no joke! So much so that we need a mode of transport to get us there.

Went to tour at the new Optometry Centre in SP, and oh boy it is so beautiful! Gotta admit that the space in each examination room is smaller than before, but it’s still so clean and neat. Love the colour concept though. The pity is that we only get to use this for 1 semester only. ):





This is the handle of the main door! How cool is this! (Y)

Alright so now’s the question! Does anyone of you wants to have a free eye check/contact lens fitting session?! If so please approach me yes?! We’d basically check the refractive error (otherwise known as degree) and the health of the eye. I’d need to hit my quota for the semester too, so it’s a win-win situation! My clinic sessions are Tuesdays (afternoons), Fridays (afternoons) and Saturdays (mornings & afternoons) so please let me know when you’d prefer to do it alright?!

In-lieu of Jia Sheng’s 20th, I organised a birthday dinner which didn’t turn out to be quite a surprise since some people slipped it off their mouth! But anyway I didn’t put in any attempt to hide it from him either, so hahaha, my bad too! I hope he enjoyed his not-so-surprising dinner afterall. (:

Before dinner, some of us went to buy an organiser for Jia Sheng since he wanted one. We got him a gay-coloured one to suit his personality! Hahaha, but it wasn’t my idea though! Almost got him the pink one in fact. q:


Dinner at Shokudo, which left me feeling so stuffed when I only bought a main and a dessert! It’s a bit difficult for interaction when we got a long table to accommodate 16 people. ): I had a huge share of laughter that night though. Especially sitting beside Janice who was being exceptionally retarded that day for some reason! I had my share of fun with the company I had. (:

The food was not too bad, and I love my dessert! First time trying the Tofu Cheesecake and I fell in love with it totally! :D Shall try out all the tofu cheesecakes soon! :D I’ve a sweet tooth, and basically I’m just a glutton. Will go quite a mile to find good food! Even better if it’s cheap market food! But sometimes, I just like to go for somewhere with nice ambience. Gotta admit I’m a sucker for this. q:

Janice’s tomato omelette rice and my spicy tempura dry ramen!



Looking through the organiser that we got for him. (:

Can you see Janice’s attempt in trying to make her head look smaller? Didn’t know about this thing until the other girls mentioned it.

Tofu Cheesecake! <3
(By the way, the few beans doesn’t come with it. Janice, being irritating, placed all those display beans on my cake!)








Jia Sheng fractured his middle finger while gymming last week, and his fingernail fell out. 2 other guys (Matt & Junyi) went to bandage their middle finger for some reason too. Hahaha, probably trying to mimic his poor finger.



Birthday boy with all the girls. (Isn’t he lucky? HAHAHA!)

People I hang around with ever since Year One, also my FYP mates. (:

The birthday boy!



Happy 20th Jia Sheng! Though you always irritate & bully me in school, stop me from going to sleep by showing me gross & funny videos all the time, I do enjoy your company and am glad to have you in my poly life. I hope you had a great time on your birthday. (:

I was thinking what exactly makes me want to graduate so quickly from school? Then I realise that it isn’t the fact that I hate schooling, or that I want to start earning my money quickly. But the fact that I really dread reading journals and FYP. ): Sigh, I’ve got to read about 10 journals (maybe about 10 pages long each) for the Mid-semester tests. All so sleep inducing and difficult to understand, let alone getting them into my head. I hope they’ll all be over really soon. ):

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m already planning out what to do for a home day like this! And since there’s only my youngest brother and I for dinner today, I’m thinking of cooking a simple Japanese meal. I don’t want to be to lazy and end up buying fast food or takeaways. Must learn to be a little more domesticated!

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  1. I’m trying to make ur day and this is what u said?…sad sia…sacrifice myself for being an entertainer lor..u dunno how to appreciate…wasted la…and my head is the normal size…but urs is small…that’s the contrast that make my head looks big!!!….KELLYN TING TING TING !!!!

  2. Janice, Janice Goh Go Go Go Go! Don’t follow Yuli and keep calling my surname okay! Hahaha. Woah, your sacrifice is really big man! And my head is not small, it’s yours that’s big la hahaha! Omg this is making me laugh. q:


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