A Slow & Lazy Sunday.

Today’s such a slow and lazy Sunday, but I really enjoyed it. The only problem is that I wished that I’d better use the time to do something like reading journals though I really dread it. ): I wish someone would be able to help me with that.

Absolutely have no idea why whenever I get the time to sleep in, I’d always wake up at around 9am. ): So much of sleeping in. /: Spent the entire morning lazing around the house while talking to my favourite boy. (: I’ve said it a million times, but I’d still say that I wished I had his company here with me to get by days like this. And like I’ve said, 24 more days! Meanwhile, the both of us would probably talk a little lesser since his exams are coming up! Would take a bit of understanding and getting useto, since we’ve been talking on the phone almost everyday.

Headed down to Plaza Singapura by myself in the afternoon, and I had Chicken Teriyaki sandwich from Subway for lunch! And then off to Diaso to get Soba & its sauce, and a packet of instant corn soup for dinner with my youngest brother. Sometimes I do enjoy going out for a short walk alone down the streets, ignoring what’s happening around you and blasting music on my iPod. Own time own target!(:

Bought a bimbotic rubber cover for my phone since I lost my original Nokia pouch a few days back. ): My phone has been feeling very naked. I wanted a leather cover initially, but it seems that I can’t find the ideal one I wanted and I can be really picky when it comes to buying something. The only colour available for this rubber cover was cyan, pink and transparent, so I settled with pink. This is probably the best I can find, and I’m growing on it! (: And I still have the spare Dior pouch that I koped from work to go along with it!

Finally bought a small plastic pouch to put my toothbrush & toothpaste for travelling purposes! And I’m starting to like my bimbo cover! :D

Cooked dinner for my youngest brother and I, and I’m glad it turned out pretty good. At least they didn’t turn out inedible! (: I had to settle for the standard soba instead of my usual green tea soba because it was out of stock. Oh well! /:Mushroom tasted good, and I almost forgot about the garlic! Thank goodness I remembered before cooking. And I concluded that I can never ever cook instant soup that comes in the form of powder. I always have this problem of misjudging the amount of water I need to add. How pathetic./:

I had to shove my Mom away because she was going to have dinner with her friends, and kept wanting to help/teach me cook the mushrooms before she leaves. I wanted to do this all on my own, and I’m glad I did shove her away! q: At least now I manage to do this all on my own, and I think I should be capable enough to whip up a few more different dishes in no time. (:





Surprisingly dinner turned out very filling, and my brother didn’t complain that the food was too salty or whatsoever! (:

I love going through the day without anything in mind to complete, receiving random calls from Jon while he’s taking a break from studying. I love slow and lazy days like this, a break from the crazy world. This is how life should be.

24 more days to a the return of a Perfect life. I’d still have FYP and loads to make me feel stressed and burnt out, but at least I’d have you to make everything seem better. And Imiss studying beside you, because you’d leave short messages of love with your terrible handwritting in my notes. (:



I love you Baby, hang on there and the exams will be over in no time. (:

4 thoughts on “A Slow & Lazy Sunday.

  1. hey! haha nice work on the links page :D ive been so lazy to comment these days though i assure u that ive read all your posts. heh sorry babe! anw the soba motivated me to comment. i thought u said u’d cook this for me one day? HAHAHA. i’ll cook you pasta with cheese sauce if u cook me this kay! :p oh and i really need a cover for my phone too. can u tell me where to get it? my phone is super scratched and my heart is aching :(

  2. Estella, Hahaha, thank you! It’s okay lah babe, hee! And yea, I bet you wanted to eat the soba so that explains right? Hahaha, opps! I bet I revealed your motive! q: So anyway, I’ll cook this for you one day! It only takes less than 15 minutes! Really easy! Bet it’s a win-win situation for me! :D I can help you get the same cover for you if you want it! Then I can pass it to you the next time we go for shopping therapy! :D


  3. yes please! how much is it? :D heheh thanks babe! i can’t wait to meet you again.

  4. Estella, It’s $10! :D The rubber is quite good I think! (: What colour do you want it in?! There’s cyan, transparent and pink! (Bet you’d choose pink actually!) Hahaha, can’t wait for shopping therapy with you too. Really need that soon!


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