Sisters from a different genetic source!


Left work earlier to meet up with my dearest Soulmate for dinner. Brought my favourite girl to Burger Shack for dinner, and I’m glad she enjoyed her burger as much as I did! I ordered a Grilled Chicken Burger set with additional sauteed mushrooms for myself, while Soulmate ordered a BBQ Chicken burger set! Super yummy and filling! All my chicken and mushrooms kept falling out from my burder and then I got so irritated I just opened the entire burger up and place every single thing back one by one with my finger. Stacey just looked at me in digust, lol.

We were gossiping about our boyfriends together, and we laughed a hell load I bet the whole place resonates of our laughter! She insisted that I blogged about how she describes her boyfriend’s nephew as “Cute like shit” (how can shit be cute?) and then I laughed so loud at her description. Oh boy, with her there’s never glam in my dictionary yet it just feels so right and natural. /:

Stacey told me that it’s about 10 degrees or so in Hong Kong during December – based on what she remembered – and it’s going to be so fun! Would love to dress up for the cold weather since I don’t get to do so in Singapore. I swear I’d go buy my knee-length boots on the first day! Scarves, knee-length boots, leggings, pullovers/coats, here I come! :D


Love my hair here! Looks so neat and tidy! :D

Bought Meiji milk after dinner from NTUC! :D

No proper pictures of us together because she’s complaining the whole time about it! /: But anyway, such short meet up means a lot to me. Especially more glad when the both of us make an effort to date each other out despite our really busy schedule. Quality over quantity!

On a side note, I bought my long cardigan from Cotton On at Anchorpoint today before meeting up with my Soulmate! Absolutely love it, so comfy and nice! The first apparel I bought in the entire month of October, so proud of myself!

Meanwhile, I’m working on something different for my blog right now. May not be very significant, but I think it’s a little different from the usuals! Check out the links page! Will get more of it done soon when I get the time! (P.S: Sorry if I took pictures off you from your facebook profile! I just couldn’t find a nicer picture of you with whatever I had!)

29 more days till you are back. I really cannot wait any longer, though I know my hectic schedule will make time pass a lot faster.

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