An almost-perfect Weekend.

Saturday was a relatively busy day for me. I woke up earlier than I intended to, which was quite bleak since I wanted to sleep in, lazed around the house for a little while before I started my whole beauty regime. I guess this is the first time I carried out the entire beauty regime in full and it took me 2 hours or so to complete it. Of course most of the time was spent waiting, so I did my own stuff too.

One of which was packing my stuff since I was staying over at Jon’s place. And I realised that the only thing I wanted to bring was my daily beauty stuff (toner, moisturizer, make up remover & etc.) and my make up pouch, since I have my clothes there and what not!

My Beauty Regime
My standard everyday use. On top of these are my mud masks, MBD masks and hair treatment which are used once every 2 days/a week depending on what it is! So vain I know. /:

St. Marg’s alumni band in the afternoon and it feels so good to be playing the flute all over again after so long. The only problem is that my hand and mouth ached after playing for a while due to the lack of practise. ): Caught up with Grace who has been my fellow batch flautist! We used to dislike each other, but then grew to become relatively good bandmates thereafter! So much has changed, and surprisingly both of us are pretty similar when it comes to certain issues about our lives. (: I’m not the only one! q:


After the practise ended, my girls went on separate ways and it was left with Audrey and I to wait for the bus. Apparently I was enjoying the short alone time spent with her talking about some topics which was… Lol, shall not be mentioned here. But oh well, we are on the same boat! :D *Shhhh*

Dinner at The Chau’s. When Jon’s Dad came back from work, Jon’s parents and I had a relatively long talk about a lot of things as usual. Mostly about work, and then seeing me updating them about how their son is doing in Melbourne. I’m very proud of this boy, and I’m sure his parents are as proud of him as I am. Apparently he has been getting really good grades for his assignments; getting the top few results when >50% failed, getting full marks and almost-full marks grades. I know he’s working hard for his future, our future. He’s spending most of his time schooling and studying while I’m spending most of my time schooling and working. Terribly boring lives perhaps, but when we are reunited again it’s going to be nothing less than the epitome of bliss and fun! :D I guess in the midst of this boring life I’ve, I’m still meeting up with friends and enjoying some good time together with them.

Maybe people think it’s weird why I stay over at their place when Jon’s not around. I’m already treating The Chau’s as my family already; I love them like my own and already consider them as one. Change is inevitable, but I hope nothing changes too much.

The only problem being at The Chau’s? That familiar bed never seems as warm as how it used to be when he’s lying beside me. Walking around the house, or anything near that vacinity makes me miss him terribly much. It even reminded me of the time when I acted super pitiful and cute to gain his attention while he’s watching football, and he still ignored me entirely. I even miss the times of being ignored, as long as he’s by my side. ): Makes me hate long-distance so terribly much.

Sunday saw me waking up early and headed down to the pool for a swim. But being the usual forgetful and lazy me, I forgot to bring the goggles down and didn’t want to head back up to get it. /: So I had a short swim and then headed back to wash up for work! Jon’s Grandma offered me to eat some chinese pasteries, and it’s quite delicious! With that, I had to say byebye to the flat (but not taut) tummy I had earlier in the morning. Difficult not to gain some weight after going to their place. ):

Love sitting by the poolside just lazing around. Still looking forward to my poolside picnic with Baby when he gets back, along side a whole list of things for us to do when he’s back!

Work today was totally boring! ): People that came in was time-consuming that didn’t end up buying anything, and that’s the worst kind of customers really! /: I was absolutely dying from boredom I was screaming “I’m so bored!” all the time, no joke. ): To end it all, when all the shutters were down there was this weirdo aunty that rushed into the shop. Too lazy to elaborate anything, but she complained that her glasses gave her blur vision and wanted a replacement – when it’s more than a year ago that she bought it, not forgetting that she actually purchased another pair of glasses after that from us. -.-” One reason why I’d want to work on Saturdays instead.

Oh, and there’s this really nice pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses that’s so comfortable and pretty! I’m wondering if I should get it because I love it, and also because I can get it at a cheaper price of course! Love the bows at the side, so cute! Everyone at work said I should just ask my Mr (Jonathan) Chau to get it for me, lol! But it’s not a need, just that it’s so pretty I love it! And I keep wearing it once or twice whenever I work omg. /:

 Marc Jacob Sunglasses

And my parents picked me up at Commonwealth from work! Save me from walking the super long route at the Outram Park interchange!

Another long week coming right up for me. ): The only thing that keeps me going right now is the Hong Kong-Macau trip in December right now. I can’t wait!

An almost-perfect weekend. The only thing that’s missing is you.
I’m never quite complete without you, and you know it.

2 thoughts on “An almost-perfect Weekend.

  1. Oh man. i am so sorry cos i think i get ur intention that my ring should be in that picture as well. Anyway, there wasn’t as much failures as you’ve mentioned.
    You are becoming a beauty queen. With all those facial products plus the sunglass. its nice, but don’t ur prefer wide sides?

  2. Jon, HAHAHAHA omg you got the indirect hint. We can never hide anything from each other my dear! I bet everyone else who sees the picture will think it’s something sweet. q: But deep within us, we know that I’m trying to make you feel guilty for losing the ring eh?! Heehee, we are so cute like that! q: And I know you are indirectly telling me you’re going to be suffering in the future with me buying all the facial products right? I’m going to work them on you when you get back! :D Anyway, my Ralph Lauren’s already has wide temples, so I don’t really want something that’s so similar at the moment. Since you’ve approved that it’s nice, do you wanna go ahead with the sponsorship?! *Wide grins!* :D


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