Fun house.

We all need days like this; a day off the hectic schedule. (:

I woke up before 11am today, just when I was hoping to sleep in. ): But oh well, today was good because somehow it’s the long awaited weekend I’ve been trying to look forward to for the past few weeks which never came. /: Headed to the market with my parents, and I managed to convince my parents to walk to the market instead of driving out! Save on the petrol and a good morning walk. (: Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I am determined to learn to cook and it all starts from knowing how to choose fresh groceries! On a side note, I looked totally like a true blue aunty – hair pushed back all the way and clipped up, walking around in baggy shirt, comfy shorts and slippers. I need days like these when you don’t care about how people look at you. Don’t you get tired from dressing up all the time? I do! (An excuse for being lazy on my side. q:)

Over brunch with my parents today, we talked a lot. Both of them were telling me to be a good wife in the future; how I should be able to do housework and cook for my husband and children, how these things will keep my husband’s heart with me and of course please my in-laws. And by in-laws, they were all talking about Jon’s parents. Literally! Hahaha, even my parents are already looking at Jon as their son already. I don’t feel any barrier between what I can/should say to my parents. Like today, I told my Mom about Jon’s plan of taking up summer semester and she were concerned too. I even told her when I want to get married, lol.

I know there are loads of girls out there who are having the modern mindset of guys are girls are equal, so females shouldn’t be the only one who cooks and do the housework. Maybe I am a little traditional on this part, though I admit that I’d love to have my husband helping me out with the housework! ButI still believe that the wife/mother of the family is the one who will determine how the family will turn out; blissful or bitter, neat or messy. My mom was just telling me how my Uncle’s wife doesn’t do any housework at all, and he has to wash the dishes and sweep/mop the floor every time after he comes home from work. Just happened that when my cousin was injured a few weeks back from the maid tragedy, my Grandma went over to stay for a few days and was ached by what she saw. Then my Dad told me that people don’t scold or praise you directly, they do it behind your back. It’s true. You’ve a huge control of what people will say about you, but it’s another issue if they are out to backstab.

My parents may not be as well off like others do, but all I can say that they are very supportive and taught me a lot about life and values. I just told them that I’d be going to HK with Jon this December, they nagged at me for going to 3 countries in my list! But they didn’t stop me. I love them a lot. (:

Then I received a call from my sleepy head boyfriend from Melbourne who woke up so late. I bet it’s about 2pm on his side when he woke up. He was so happy to hear that I’m learning how to cook. /:

K: I don’t understand why the way my parents are talking being a good wife refers all back to you being my husband.
J: Of course I’m going to be your husband. Who else will you want to marry?
K: *Smiles to self*

My day started really well. Alone time with my parents, and then the call from Jon. Perfetto! (:

The rest of the afternoon was spent at home helping my Mom with laundry and having some good Me Time. And by me time, it seems like it revolves around doing my usual skincare regime. I used the Strawberry-flavoured MBD mask after the mud mask earlier, and it smells so good. Love-hate relationship with using flavoured mask because it stimulates my hunger. ): I was still talking to my Mom earlier in the day about some beauty products. I guess when you don’t have a sister to share such things with, your Mom is your sister. When Jon’s back, I’m going to get him to do the beauty regime with me, then I’ll make him laugh when he’s using the mud mask so either his face would crack or he’d die trying to stop laughing. Apart from our seriousness in our relationship, the evilness we have for each other is what makes us happy and laughing all the time. q:

Cooking with Mommy was good! :D Though we only cooked 2 dishes, I learnt a lot of things. (: Looked at how my Mom prepared the vegetables prior to cooking, and I felt so useless about whatever I knew before hand. They’re all nothing. /: Now I hope that I am able to reproduce this 2 dishes without any guidance. Afterall, that’s my main goal!



I had extra servings of the veg, and 2 bowls of tomato soup. If no one’s going to touch either dishes when I check the kitchen in a while, I’d swipe everything I promise!

Today’s such a simple and slow Sunday, just with the ones I love with my life. A really good way to end my semester holidays. (:

And Baby Jon, please webcam with me tonight! I want to see how much weight you’ve put on so that I’d miss you and your chubby cheeks even more. <3 you Baby!

6 thoughts on “Fun house.

  1. HAHAHA the both of you are so cute! :p i wanna learn how to cook too! not only for my husband but for myself. muahahha. i cant deny how tempting the thought of cooking up a storm anytime i want is mann. THE SOUP LOOKS FAB. i want i want! bet its damn appetising. *drools* aww kellyn, i super envy how you have your whole life planned out already. my furthest plan goes as far as next week. HAHA. okay so sad. :(

  2. Estella, CUTE?! Sad leh, hahaha. ): But anyway, maybe we should try to cook together or something! Oh yes, you were supposed to teach me to bake too right! :D Yea, I want to cook for myself too. The thought of eating outside food all the time is so bleak and unhealthy! ): I don’t even know if having my life planned out for the next 10 years is good or not. Things change, so I don’t know. ): Can you imagine if something changes then all my plans will have to change too? ):


  3. aww man, that’s one thing i hate about plans. that things might change, and then i’d have to deal with the disappointment after that. :(

    yeah man! we should totally start cooking together. pity we stay so far away from each other. heheh. i havent been baking anything in ages! i probably forgot how to already ! :( but we could always try. teehee. i need some metime too.

  4. Estella, Yea, it sucks doesn’t it? Oh well, but I guess it doesn’t really harm to just plan ahead. Serves as a kind of motivation as well! (: We should try to find a time and carry out the cooking plans then, it’d be so much of fun and learning together! :D You gotta teach me how to bake okay hee! :D But my place doesn’t have an oven! ):


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