Life has high demands

Friday night was spent with meeting up with Xiuling for dinner at Subway.Seems that the both ofour favourite sandwiches happened to be the same, so we ordered a foot long because it’d be cheaper. (:Then it was desserts at The Marmalade Pantry. (:

We ordered Spicy Tomato Soup (can’t remember the exact name actually) and Apricot & Blackberry Crumble with Vanilla Ice-cream! I wanted to try the soup because I was craving for something nice and warm to slurp on! It was really thoughtful of the staff there to split the soup into 2 bowls since we were sharing. I’d die to learn how to make soups like these, so I shall go search for recipes soon and stop procrastinating about learning how to cook. ):

Anyway the soup was good, just to the way I like it to be! :D Apricot & Blueberry crumble was as good too; the crumble was different from the usual ones, and the ice-cream was rich! Not forgetting that they have apricots & berries below the crumble! :D Wanted to order a 3rd dessert, but I was already feeling so stuffed by then. /:

Looking at the picture makes me hungry already. ): I want more!


We talked quite a lot over the desserts, and was glad that it was not awkward considering it’s the first time hanging out together. (: Halfway through, there were a lot of people crowding around a certain area, and then we heard people calling “Carrie” really loudly. Apparently earlier in the day, Jon told me that Carrie Underwood is in Singapore so that’s probably her. But we weren’t really bothered to even take a peek at her. Xiuling was supposed to lent me her holga camera, but she forgotten to pass it to me. Neither did I remember anything about it.

Have I ever mentioned about how terrible my memory is? A 40 year old aunty has a better memory than I do, not kidding! /: I’ve a huge feeling I might suffer from Alzheimer in the future, le sigh. ): I need to eat/do things to help me restore my memory. I’m very serious about this, because I’m not even 21 and the rate I’m forgetting things are really freaking me out!

Today, my usual Saturday routine, was spent at work. Today was terrible. Sales was good, but I had to do so many refractions I felt so terrible. With the time constrain I get, I feel that the total lack of confidence to be certain that whatever I was going to prescribe was going to be accurate. The stress I was receiving didn’t make me feel any better. Sigh. ): In addition, I got a high-plus patient today, and plenty loads of children. I guess only my course mates would understand the stress and possible problems from doing a paediatric cases. ):

It’s so different from clinic in school! When worse situation comes, you get marked down in school for doing poorly. Chances of it affecting your grades, as long it’s doesn’t happen all/most of the time, is not really high. But at work, you’ve got no one to monitor that you’re accurate, customers pay for the items, and then you can possiblyget a whole shitload of scolding if they are nasty and come back for a complain. Ugh! I’m having this love-hate relationship about graduation right now. As much as I want to graduate this very instance, I’m wishing that I’d be a student still though a part of me don’t feel confident enough to be a qualified Optometrist. ):

That has always been one of the biggest problem of myself. The lack of confidence for myself. There’s a lot of thoughts running through me right now. /:

So glad that Saturday is ending in a less than an hour’s time. The wound on my leg is still hurting me so much I wake up from my sleep due to the pain I get. And not forgetting the bruise on the knee too. ):

6 thoughts on “Life has high demands

  1. People don’t say Practice Makes Perfect for no reason, you’re so meticulous I’m so sure you’d do well with more practices, don’t let this setback upset you deaaaaaaar! ):

  2. Amanda, Thank you babe for your encouragement. Really needed it I guess. I’m not going to let it pull me all the way back down, just that it’s one little set back that makes me feel bleak. /:


  3. yums! i’m too lazy to blog an entry about our date because there are too lil photos. I LOVED THE CRUMBLE DESSERT THOUGH! :) haha, you should eat some royal jellies to aid in your goldfish memory! ever heard about their 3-seconds memory span?

    cheer up and have more confidence in yourself! confidence is key to success :)


  4. Xiuling, Hahaha, it’s okay this entry has very little details of our date too. q: I love both of what we’ve ordered! :D Royal jellies work? Shall go try some hee. As for confidence, I’ll try. Have been trying since a long time ago but it seems to be at the same level still. ):


  5. Yes pls learn how to cook! Muahaha.. You’re turning domesticated too! =D

  6. Shufeng, Hahaha, I’ve always wanted to turn domesticated since a long time back but didn’t really put it into action. q:


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