A million reasons for me to work hard for!


Met up with Amanda today for late lunch at Burger Shack, at King’s Arcade (beside Coronation Plaza)! I don’t understand how come such good stuff didn’t exist when I was still schooling in St. Marg’s! Now they even have Starbucks and New York New York there! Not that NYNY serves really good food, but it’s a luxury!

I got myself a Veggie Portobello Burger, because I love mushrooms! :D Seems like I am turning into a vegetarian soon! Love the ambiance of the place; cosy, just the way I like it. At least it makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. Relatively good food for the kind of price you are paying for! Heard from Amanda that they make the pattis themselves! Thumbs up for Freshness! (Y)





Went over to Starbucks thereafter, and again, I managed to curb my temptation to get myself a cup of Green Tea Frappe and settled for ice water instead! A million reasons for me to be in a saving mode right now. Usual long chats with her, and we talked so much! Laughed quite a bit at silly things, talking about how life has been treating us; just the usual girls chat with her. (:



My favourite epic picture as a result of playing with the smile function!

This is damn ugly, as a result of the smile function too, but Amanda wants to see the Cadbury eyebrows lips.

Took a bus home, and the ride was terrible! When I was one stop away, the reckless bus driver jam-braked and everyone that was standing fell. That includes me. My shoe & socks flew off (literally) and I fell on the ground, and only to realise that I ended up with my right feet bleeding and a relatively huge abrasion mark from the friction against the uneven floor on my knee too. I was so annoyed because I didn’t have any tissue paper for me to clean up my wound, so I left it bleeding. Then I had to take a 20 minutes walk home from where the bus stopped at because the driver was reissuing bus tickets for the passengers to take another ride. I couldn’t even walk properly and felt like I was putting my body weight on the side of my feet, which was terribly uncomfortable! Told my Mom about it when I got home, and she said I could actually lodge a complain about it. Grrrrr! I’m so sure I’m going to wake up with a bruises on my right leg tomorrow! >:(

Happier things, I’m probably going to drain my bank account to pay for 2 air tickets to Hong Kong in December! I love travelling to new places with Jon, and Raymond is going too! This sounds so exciting, but this spells bankruptcy on my side! But nevermind, because my friends tell me to just spend the money because they can always be earned back. With that, I’m going to wave byebye to $1k from my bank! ): Talked to Raymond on MSN till quite late last night while Jon was sleeping (Jon, please know that I’ve your room mate as my spy!) talking about our tentative itenary!

With this, it means that the current travelling plans from now till next year would be:

  1. Hong Kong in December 2009
  2. Bangkok in March 2010
  3. Melbourne in late July till August 2010
  4. Tentatively a sponsored trip to Thailand by Acuvue when I work in the shop next year!

This is so Exciting! :D

2 thoughts on “A million reasons for me to work hard for!

  1. hey babe! i love mushrooms too! OMG u are really my evil twin teehee. the bus driver is really terrible omg :( hope ur leg’s better now. oh and i saw this organiser that i absolutely LOVEEEE to the max in ion. it costs 40bucks though :( i feel like getting it. haha.

    oh yes, come prod me if u wanna know where to go for food and all in thailand ah! :) and i still owe u a blog entry ehehh.

  2. Estella, Heehee, we both love to shop and eat I think we can be sinners already. But no, you’d be a greater sinner because you shop like there’s no tomorrow all the time! q: Come to Kellyn’s Rehab centre for shopping! Opps! Hahaha. Go get the organiser if you really like it! It’s worth a year long anyway! Let’s go shopping again soon! :D And yupp, my leg’s slightly better now. But didn’t really get to sleep well the past 2 nights because it hurts. ): Gonna read your blog now! :D


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