Happiest when my Tummy’s happy! :D

Do not read if you don’t want to end up feeling hungry!

Met up with the DOPT peeps, most of them are who I usually hang around with in school, after such a long time! Haven’t seen the most of them ever since they came back from India, a trip that I think I probably missed loads of fun in. ): Dim sum buffet at Chinatown’s Yum Cha and I ate to my tummy’s content! :D There were so many of us that we had to split into 2 tables, and apparently my table was literally like hungry ghosts! We ordered non-stop and made so much noise while the other table seem to be enjoying the food peacefully.

The food was alright, not fantastic, but good enough to leave me feeling satisfied! Some of the skin (i.e. Xiao Long Bao) is a tad too thick, and I feel like I’m eating flour. /: But oh well, I had great company and great laughter, so that made everything seem so good! :D



Check out these hungry gluttons! I think I’ve a knack for taking ugly pictures! q:





The noiser table.


And the more peaceful table!

Our interactive & spontaneous lecturer, Sean Lee, who always go out with us! (Y) Apparently he always get bullied too, lol!

Every single one was feeling so stuffed and we went to hit each other’s tummy to disturb each other. We walked over to Clarke Quay hoping that it’d help us digest our food a little better, and then took a train down to Dhoby Ghaut! We settled down at Starbucks without buying any drink, dominated the sofa seats (whichwas so dusty ugh!) and talked for a really long time! q: I was so tempted to give in to my saving regime to get a cup of Caramel or Green Tea Frappe, but discipline and resistance stopped me! :D I’m so pleased with myself.

Ziwei, the girl, whom I spent most of the time talking to tonight. (:

Some of my favourite girls in poly.

Ziwei and I talked a lot about our relationships to each other tonight, and I found that we are both similar inquite a lotways. The kind of future the both of us want in the future is almost the same, and she’s probably one of the few I know who wants it the way I do. Yupp, andshe’s right about how some people judge too much because they’rejealous and they don’t deserve any of your time feeling bothered from what they think.She definitely understands the thought and ideas that’s running through my mind and gave me some encouragement to go ahead with them. Some people just don’t see it and jump into conclusions way too quickly.

I used to think that it’s difficult to find true friends in poly, but I guess I was wrong. Though in the 3rd year there was the reshuffling of classes which separated me from my close friends, there was the overseas ITP (which I went to Batam) that made me know people from the other classes much better too. In addition, I got to find some pretty close friends from there as well. In the last 2 years, I’ve just been closer to the guys in my class (Jia Sheng, Matt & Zhun Hong) and it definitely feels good to be adding in girls to my close friends list! Esther, Janice, Peiyu, Yan Shan, Yuli, Ziwei, just to name a few. I’m so thankful for the presence of these people. (:

Left Starbucks and bought some food from Cafe Cartel because Ziwei & I were complaining that we were hungry. Just when I thought the dim sum would be able to make me swear off dinner, there comes supper! ): And since their kitchen was closed for the night, we got cakes!


Today’s well spent, and I really like days like these. (:

Something random: I saw a video that Janice shared on Facebook, and this little boy has such built body that I think it’s so sick, yuck! I always thought that guys who gym and aim to get a really built body is a bit scary because I never, till now, thinks that an extremelybuilt body is attractive. Not even the slightest bit, let alone a young boy of 6-8 years old! In my opinion, a guy that looks toned even if he lacks of six pac will look good to me.

Also, I’ve been checking out loads of tumblr blogs because they’ve got really nice pictures that speaks a thousand words, and I really love looking at these pretty pictures! With that, I created a simple extension to this blog just for some of my favourite pictures! Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do. (:

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  1. Nice site, kellyn! Love reading your blog:p By the way, how do you find all the pretty pictures from tumblr? Need to have account?

  2. Shu, This is Shu Feng right?! Hahaha, because the email address seems familiar but it’s not your usual! Anyway, thanks hee! :D And nope you don’t need an account, I just happened to stumble upon these really nice pictures so I just saved them and share them here! (:


  3. eh, no le.. I didn’t leave the previous entry.. I did the long long one in the previous post though. :p I shall sign my full name next time to avoid confusion. Haha.. but ya, pretty pictures and great blog layout! You interested to help me with my sch’s music blog layout? It’s a blog for students to get supplementary info, video, music games from home. It’s an official school music blog thingy. Willing to pay <$100 to get it up and running like a pro blog like yours! :)

    It's currently looking quite sad.. http://www.cisumworld.wordpress.com/ Let me know if you're interested, I'll fill you in with the details. :)

    Deadline: Dec 2009 (so it can be up and running for next year's classes)

  4. HAHA! i <3 tumblr! but i'm gonna be bias and say i <3 my tumblr acct most, HAHAHAH!

  5. Shufeng, Oh okay then so who is this Shu?! q: Less than a hundred ah? Hmmm, maybe I will talk to you online when you see me?! Because getting the domain would already mean paying about that price here about already! q: WordPress.com won’t allow you to use any other layouts other than the ones you provide though! Talk to me on MSN about it! :D

    Jeanette, Tumblr is good for extremely simple blogs! I haven’t got myself an account, but it seems good to me! Share with me your tumblr site! :D


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